Zoe Lost 35lb & 4 Dress Sizes!

I started bootcamp in January 2010, and by May 2010 I had lost 2 stone, then by June/July 2010 I had lost 2 and a half stone!!!

Marc’s concept of ‘train hard, eat smart’ really works! I had put on weight after giving up smoking and couldn’t lose it on my own. For 2 years I battled with the gym, cycling machines and self motivation, but even when I lost some weight it wasn’t long term.

So after hearing such good things about Marc and the group training , I decided to join bootcamp with my partner Luke to lose weight in time for my July 2010 holiday. With on average going twice a week (due to some time off in March), and just simply changing my calorie intake, I dropped the weight in weeks!! I ate sensibly by eating more protein and less carbs for main meals, and taking out the un-necessary high calorie snacks for fruit and natural yogurt, (Marc now has his own cookbook now though).

It was so much easier to change my eating than what I thought it would be, and Luke has also done amazingly well by losing 2 stone too! If your prepared to work hard and listen to Marc’s great advice you will drop the weight. I love the fact it’s so welcoming there and so unlike the ego filled gyms you can get. The sessions also vary each time you go, so you never get bored. Marc will motivate you, support and guide you through the experience, and get you results!

I would recommend this to ANYONE. After dropping 3-4 dress sizes, my life is much better and my confidence is restored! Thank you Marc!