Walking the Great Wall of China

Marc Kent rainsing money for North Devon Hospice

Claire, myself & Chris: rasining money for North Devon Hospice

In April last year I was approached by Claire with the view to her starting Boot Camp as preparation for the walk accross The Great Wall of China to raise money for the North Devon Hospice. After talking with Claire and the rest of the members of the team and a visit to the Hospice I decided to sponsor the trek by allowing them to participate in Boot Camp for free for the entire year to get them ready to walk The Great Wall of China.

Below is Claire’s story, please read on.

Back in April of this year (2009), whilst browsing through the North Devon Journal, I came across the article featuring Richard Taylor and his challenge of walking The Great Wall of China in memory of Sarah his sister, after reading the article my first reaction was I can do that, after telling my mum my plans she immediately said the same and it all started from there.

After a lot of thought both our attentions turned to HOW we would do it, I was unhealthy and overweight and mum felt that at 60 she was not at her peak, after ringing around a couple of fitness instructors, I came across Marc Kent, who was extremely supportive of our challenge, and much to my surprise offered his services to all of the group for free, after a couple of people pulling out we were left with just me and mum.

In May we started our long journey to getting fit and ready for the walk, I think we both had misconceptions about what to expect, but after our first session we were both hooked.  3 times a week we take part in an hour of full on exercise, which includes a warm up, circuit training and the dreaded last 10 minutes, which usually involves press ups, knees to elbow, star jumps and running.

Had somebody told us 12 months ago we would be getting up at 6.30am and running around a gym, I would not have believed them, however Marc has not only prepared us physically he has given us the confidence to believe that we can achieve this once in a life time opportunity.

What Marc Kent proves is that you can be any size, any age and any level of fitness and with the right person guiding you, you can achieve anything. This may sound corny but this is fact and we are proof of that.

What is really important about this challenge is not only the chance for us to fulfil a dream, but also the opportunity to raise as much money as possible for 2 great charities, The North Devon Hospice and Tinker Taylor 12.  Both mum and I had the opportunity to know Sarah Taylor and her family, and hear about the support they received from the Hospice at a time when they most needed it, and I can not think of a better reason to do what we are doing.

As part of the fundraising for this event, we will be holding a ladies charity night on Thursday 28th January at Sticklepath School; the event will include the following:

  • A ready steady cook – Healthy style
  • A presentation from Marc Kent about keeping fit
  • Massage, reflexology, and head massage.
  • Plus other pampering ideas.
  • The event will cost £7 per person.

For more information please phone Claire on 01271 371208

If you would like to sponsor Claire and Chris’s trek and raise money for the North Devon Hospice, please visit: www.justgiving.com/clairefisher7