VIP Members Club

Dear 21 Day Jump Start Graduate,

Thanks you for checking out this page for my exclusive monthly membership program that I call “VIP Members Club”.

Registration into this group is invitation only, so if you are reading this right now you’re either a stalker, or you have completed one or more of my 21 Day Fat Loss Blueprint programs.

The reason why I’m so excited to share the information inside The VIP Members Club is because I know it’s going to transform your life.

If you’re a follower of mine, I know you are either looking to lose weight, build muscle, feel good or all three! And I know you don’t want to waist your time and money on figuring it all out.

As you know I’ve spent years researching, learning, testing and adjusting to find the best way to get those results, and make it simple for just about anyone to implement, even if you’re someone with the busiest schedule and haven’t got a clue about what and how to eat or how and when to exercise.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside The VIP Members Club

WORKOUTS OF THE MONTH! with me showing you how to do each exercise via videos so you get the most out of your monthly fat loss training program


Regular Recipes: You’ll get regular recipes to download so you can make your very own binder full of delicious and nutritious recipes. You’ll never wonder what to eat again.

Regular Motivational Challenges to help keep you on track and moving towards your goals.

Regular Nutrition Tips so you know why you are doing what you are doing

And of course you get access to your’s truly, Marc Kent to answer your questions and help to keep you on track. (I’m not going to be your personal slave so allow me up to 24 hours to get back to you with an answer to your questions)

Now I truly believe the information I’ll be sharing with you on a daily basis is worth at least £50 per month but I’m not even going to charge you that.

I’m not even going to charge you half that.

In fact for a very limited period I’m going to be offering you the chance to join the VIP Members Club for the small investment of just £12.99 per month!

“Why?” you may ask.

Because I want to say thank you for putting your trust in me and I want to get as many people into the group as possible from the beginning so I can build a great community of people looking to stay healthy the Marc Kent way 🙂

So if you want in, hit the PayPal button below, pay your £10 and wait for the redirect to take you to the VIP Members Club Facebook Page

PS. Your membership will be locked in at £12.99 per month for as long as you are a member. If you leave and want to come back you’ll have to pay the current membership price.