Training Myths Part 2

Ok, I’m back again to kick some more fitness myths in to touch. If you missed training myths part one where I went into depth on the myth that “women who lift weights get big bulky muscles” you can read it by clicking here

So straight into it with

Myth 2: Your lean toned muscles will turn to fat if you stop lifting weights

Muscle cannot be turned into fat, just as water cannot be turned into wine! It’s as impossible as trying to turn water into metal or plastic into wood!

If you stop training you willl naturally lose muscle strength and size, its a case of use it or lose it with muscle. Fat on the other hand is a source of energy, it can be stored or burned in muscle tissue.

This is what actually happens when you stop training: You will begin to lose muscle tissue and as you do so are going to set your self up for a bit of a weight loss nightmare!

You see, the amount of muscle tissue you have on your body has a direct link to the speed of your bodies metabolism. Your metabolism governs the amount of calories you will burn on a daily basis. In basic terms, the more muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolism, the faster your metabolism the more caloires you burn on a daily basis.

To look at it another way, losing muscle would be like putting a smaller engine in your car! The smaller engine is going to burn less fuel.

One of the reasons fat diets result in such rapid weight loss is because of not eating enough to support your bodies current muscle tissue. Starving your self thin only ends up in a rapid weight gain once you fall off the diet. The same can be said for doing endless amounts of cardio, sure you’ll lose some weight, but you’ll be burning more muscle tissue resulting in a slower metabolic rate. This all makes it harder to keep the fat off in the long term.

So if you stop training you could get fat but not because your muscle has been magically converted to fat. You will likely get fat if you continue to eat the same amount of food you did while you exercised and because of your slower metabolism. One cannot be turned into the other.

I will be back in a coupe of days with Myth 3:  Specific exercises are great for toning muscles

Train Hard, Eat Smart!