Total Body Breakthroughs

Total Body Breakthroughs I teamed up with 28 leading fitness experts from around the world when we released Total Body Breakthroughs which I’m extremely proud to say quickly climbed to number one status on Amazon.


It seems like everyday we turn on the television or open a newspaper or flyer, we are being sold a new fitness scheme. ‘Just do this one exercise’ or ‘Just eat this one food’ is often the strategy being advertised. These are particularly evident in time for New Year’s Resolutions.

By now, we all know those don’t work, but we’re also left wondering what does work? How can we achieve a new level of fitness – no matter what level we’re at today?

In this book, 28 leading fitness professionals, nutritionists and athletic coaches from around the world come together to share their proven strategies for health, fitness and nutrition – to help you achieve your very own Total Body Breakthrough.


Total Body Breakthroughs is available on hardback for £17.99 (including UK postage) by clicking the PayPal “Buy Now” button below.

Alternatively you can buy a copy on Kindle by visiting Amazon at this link <<==click here to buy in Kindle