Three Tips to Identify Dangerous Fad Diets

Ok, I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough of dangerous fad diets and what they can do to a persons health. With years of experience helping people to lose weight fast, I know firsthand how susceptible people can to the false claims from dangerous fad diets. With millions being spent on advertising by the diet companies its easy to see why. So I’m going to make a stand, are you with me?

My role as a personal trainer and weight loss expert its my duty to educate men and women to instantly recognise the three keys to alert them to a dangerous fad diet.

I believe it’s practically criminal what some of the dangerous fad diets do to a person’s metabolism. Yes, they help you lose weight fast, initially, but they can absolutely destroy a metabolism and cause dieters to gain more weight back.”

I teach my personal training and boot camp clients a much more sensible approach to losing weight fast which I believe is safer and keeps the weight off long term . You don’t need a dangerous fad diet to lose weight fast. You can achieve rapid fat loss in a very safe and healthy manner when the correct approach is taken and without the worry of piling the weight back on!

With that said, below are my top three tips for instantly recognising a dangerous fad diet:

One Ingredient Diets

Any diet that preaches eating only one ingredient – such as ice cream or grapefruit – for an extended period of time can be classified immediately as a dangerous fad diet.


A “lose weight fast” program that advises extended periods of fasting should be avoided at all costs. By starving your self you will wreak havoc on your metabolism which in turn will cause you to burn less calories. Once you finish with the diet as you will if you are starving your self, (after all its human nature to eat to survive) the weight will pile back on due to a lower metabolic rate. Not eating is potentially the worst thing you could do if you are looking to lose weight fast.

Miraculous Claims

Let common sense prevail when it comes to investigating a fad diet. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Additionally, I would recommend enlisting the advice of a qualified nutritionist or fitness professional when attempting to lose weight fast.

Train Hard, Eat Smart,