Three Common Sense Fat Loss Tips

Stop Eating Salads: Three Common Sense Fat Loss Tips.

With summer fast approaching North Devon residents seeking rapid fat loss should strongly reconsider the salads they are eating for quick weight loss.

Read on to discover my 3 common sense fat loss tips that will help you avoid piling on the pounds when tucking into those yummy veggies.

Those looking to shed fat fast often don’t realise that the salads served in restaurants and fast food businesses have more fat and calories than the burgers!

With that said here’s a quick weight loss tip for you: If your salad is loaded with cheese, bacon and a high calorie dressing, you’re not making fat burning any easier for your self.

To help you get in shape for the summer I’ve put together these 3 simple fat loss tips that you can follow the next time you are considering ordering a salad for a quick weight loss meal:

Fat Loss Tip #1

Ask for the dressing on the side and not over your salad. Dip the tongs in the dressing before you then pick up some salad. It will give just enough of the flavour but will keep the calories under control.

Fat Loss Tip #2

Choose a salad that has grilled protein in it such as chicken or fish. The lean protein will help increase the “thermic effect” of the meal, which means the body has to burn more calories to digest the meal and in turn this will help accelerate fat loss.

Fat Loss Tip #3

Ask to “hold” the cheese and bacon bits. In place of these ask for more fibrous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. The increase in fibre will help burn calories as well as control any raise in blood sugars which will help tremendously with quick weight loss.

Using these three common sense fat loss tips next time you order a salad will help you shed the pounds and look your best come summer.

Train Hard, Eat Smart,