The 5 Principles Of Fast Fat Loss

As a Holistic Health Coach and Barnstaple Personal Trainer I’m often asked for my best tips on rapid fat loss. So today I thought I’d share with you my 5 Principles Of Rapid Fat Loss.




Ok, ok.


I know what you are thinking, “Marc you said you were going to share fat loss tips, so why are you starting off with mind-set?”


It’s simple really.


Mind-set is probably, if not the most important factor in rapid, but more importantly lasting fat loss.


If you think about it, anyone can go on a diet for a week or two, maybe even a month or two and lose weight.




What happens when you have lost the weight that you wanted to and returned to eating the way you were before the diet?


That’s right, the weight came back on, often faster than you lost it in the first place and often with interest.


There are many reasons for this such as reduced metabolic rate from decreased muscle tissue, which I’ll go into in another article but today I wanted to focus on another reason.


And that is, most people view a “diet” as a short-term thing they do to lose some weight, but a diet is in fact everything that you habitually eat on a regular basis.


If I wanted to refine this a little I could say that it is or “should be” everything that you habitually eat on a regular basis to keep you healthy, give you energy and allow you to thrive, not merely survive.



If you noticed, it is not about deprivation. It’s not something you go on to come off.


So if rapid and then sustained fat loss is your goal you need to get your mind around the fact that a diet is something that you are doing every day.


The next part is the game changer, where the magic happens:


It’s the “quality” and not so much the “quantity” of the food you eat that determine the body that you have. Sure calories do come into it when you’re really trying to get your body fat down below 10% for say a bodybuilding competition but for the majority of people reading this I would say it is far better to concentrate on the quality of the food you eat.


I’ve crossed over a little into my next tip, which will be nutrition, but I feel that it’s important to understand the concept of quality over quantity.


So, in essence rapid and lasting fat loss is about leading a healthy lifestyle, which incorporates making healthy food choices. It’s not about just cutting back on junk food, drinking skinny shakes or popping pills.


This next part that I’m about to tell you is something that you won’t hear often from someone offering you weight loss advice because most people don’t want to hear it. Most weight loss advisors would rather wrap you up in cotton wool and pretend that you can go on a diet for a period of time until you reach your weight loss target, return to eating normal and live happily ever after.


BUT deep down you know as well as I do that this is good old-fashioned BS.


The reality is that if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good you have to be prepared to embrace a healthy lifestyle for as long as you want to keep the weight off. This isn’t to say that you cannot have the odd bit of chocolate or the odd glass of wine but it can’t be something you do every day.


Sorry to give you the above information without the sugar coating but sometimes a bit of tough love is what you need J


I could go on about goal setting and knowing your why beneath your why but read about that here. I just really wanted to hammer the point home that if you want to lose weight for good you have to embrace health. There is no quick fix. Well there is, it’s just the price is you end up fatter than when you started.




Next up is the right nutrition. Eating right is second only to having the right mind-set. You wont eat consistently right if your heads not in the game.


The EAT Smart Diet Solution is designed to improve the health of anyone who decides to live the EAT Smart Lifestyle by eliminating all toxic foods and substances the body is able to heal and flush out stored toxins from your fat cells.


When this happens you will naturally lose excess body fat without starving yourself, counting calories, checking points drinking shakes or living on bowls of processed breakfast cereals.


By following the simple principles I’ve laid out for you in the EAT Smart Diet Solution manual you are on the road to lasting fat loss. You can download your free copy of the EAT Smart Diet Solution by clicking this link.




Keeping the body hydrated is extremely important to staying healthy as well as losing excess body fat. You can do everything else that I’m about to tell you but if you’re body is dehydrated you will struggle with fat loss. I’ve seen it countless times from clients who resisted me on this one and when I finally got them on board the weight started to shift.


Check the Hydrate or Die series of articles for more health benefits of drinking water by clicking this link.




Sleep is when your body gets to recharge its batteries from the day-to-day onslaught of modern living. It’s also when your fat burning hormones are at their highest.


Aim to be in bed by 10:00pm and asleep by 10:30pm at least five nights per week.




Exercise is important to rapid fat loss, however if you have noticed it’s last on this list.


If your mind-set isn’t right, if your goal isn’t crystal clear then you’re probably not going to make exercise a priority and even if you do you might not put in the necessary effort during your exercises sessions.


Exercise comes after nutrition because you simply cannot out exercise a bad diet. In fact you at higher risk to getting injured due to your body not receiving enough quality nutrients.


Exercise comes below hydration. Just a slight dip in your hydration levels is going to have a profound effect on your energy levels and exercise performance. Not only that but you are also setting yourself up for long-term joint injuries.


Our joint capsules are filled with fluid and if there isn’t enough water to fill these spaces then the bones sit closer together increasing the risk of wear and tear and joint degeneration or arthritis.


Exercise comes after sleep, as exercise is a stress, albeit a good stress. If you are not sleeping properly, chances are that your body is under stress. We are only able to cope with a certain amount of stress before our body starts to break down. When we are under constant stress our immune system takes a battering and you are at risk of developing colds, flu’s or worse.


So before adding in exercise in the hope of losing some fat fast it would be far better to remove some of the stresses from your life.


Start by removing any nutritional stressors, you can learn about those in the EAT Smart Diet Solution. At the same time as removing the nutritional stressors increase your water intake to the levels I’ve indicated in the Hydrate or Die articles. Dehydration is a stress in and of its self, removing the nutritional stressors will cause a short-term stress but this can be reduced by drinking plenty of fresh, clean water. Finally, make sure you get plenty of sleep so your body can fully regenerate.


Once you’ve got these factors in order you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a well thought out professionally designed fat loss training program.


All these 5 principles are incorporated into the EAT Smart 21 Day Challenge with members reporting loses of up to 23lb and 21 inches in just 21 days.


The next EAT Smart 21 Day Challenge starts very soon. For more information click this link