What I Predict For The Future Of Fitness

Well, it’s almost Christmas and it’s time for my annual fitness year in review. Sadly, it appears as though the fitness industry as a whole has again failed to produce any significant results on a broad scale to effectively reverse the scary obesity epidemic that is plaguing society. More specifically, the sickening fact that British adults keep getting fatter, more lethargic, and less healthy has mirrored the unabated deterioration in the health and fitness of our youth population. However, on a positive note, I feel that 2010 will be host to several growing fitness trends that will provide the long-term answers to solve this ever-growing problem:

Fitness Prediction No.1– Fitness Boot Camps Will Rise, One-On-One Personal Training Will Fall

You would have to have spent the last 6 months living in a cage if you didn’t know we are in the midst of the biggest global recession since the “Great Depression”. With the disappearance of the middle class and an economy that will most likely get worse before it gets better, the average person simply does not have the disposable income for typical personal training rates that run about £30-£45 per hour.

However, with every problem emerges a solution; fitness boot camps are just that. Boot camps are probably the hottest thing in the fitness game right now. The group training business model creates the ultimate win-win for trainers and clients making the one-on-one alternative obsolete. Personal trainers like myself get to help more clients per session and the client gets affordable professional fitness coaching. Clients also get to work in a unique dynamic team environment that provides better social support and accountability for only a the third of the cost of typical one-on-one training rates.

Fitness boot camps are popping up all over the country, and for good reason. If you are trying to lose weight in 2009, do yourself a favor by saving your hard-earned money to get better results by joining Commando Fitness Camp.

Fitness Prediction No.2– Interval Training Takes Over As The Number One Method For Fat Loss And Fitness 100% Of The Time

High-Intensity Interval Training is rapidly gaining popularity as the best form of improving both fitness and fat loss. Thankfully, 2010 will see more people doing sprints and less people doing marathons to lose weight. However, make no mistake about it, lots of people are still going to do hours of snail-paced cardio to burn fat.

Aerobic or endurance training is essentially going at a slow, low intensity pace for a long period of time (typically at least 30-60 minutes). In other words, the focus of endurance training is on the total volume of exercise (not quality). Think about all those speed limpers you see every New Year foolishly running for hours pounding the pavement or treadmill to get rid of that winter blubber. Sadly, this results in minimal fat loss and lots of overtraining injuries.

With interval training, you focus on the quality of the exercise by working at a higher intenisity. Intervals consist of alternating between shorts bouts of all out high-intensity effort and active recovery periods for a much quicker and focused amount of time (typically 10-20 minutes of intervals works best). This approach is scientifically proven to burn nine times more fat AND lead to faster improvements in fitness than the aerobic alternative.

Two landmark scientific studies come to mind here:

The Tabata study compared the effects of four minutes of high-intensity interval training with 45-60 minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio. The interval training group burned just as much fat as the endurance group and also had greater improvement in both anaerobic (think sprinters) and aerobic (think distance runners) fitness… in only four minutes!

The Gibala study compared the effects of 20 minutes of interval training (30 second sprint followed by four minutes of rest) with 90-120 minutes of endurance training in the “heartrate zone.” The conclusions of the study were that both methods of training lead to the same improvements in oxygen utilization (or aerobic fitness). In other words, intervals accomplished what endurance training did from a fitness standpoint in only a sixth of the time!

The time is now to jump on the interval training bandwagon. Come 2010, do yourself and your body a favour and start sprinting to look better naked.

Fitness Prediction No.3– Lean Protein And Fibre Are The Carbohydrate Addict’s Answer For Improved Health, Performance, and Body Composition

We Brits are carb addicts. We simply cannot get enough starches and sugars in our diet, and we have the bulging midsections to prove it. One of the biggest misconceptions about diet today is that eliminated starches and sugars from your diet automatically means low carb. Better said, eliminating grains (even whole grains) and refined sugars still allows for consumption of the other carbohydrates: fruits and veggies. These nutrient-dense carbs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber and create more stable blood sugar levels to keep your body burning fat all day long. All of my clients who have lost the most fat have followed our guidelines of unlimited veggies all day long (besides corn, peas, carrots, beets, and potatoes). In other words, eat lots of veggie carbs, and very little of the other stuff if you want to see your abs!

The overwhelming scientific literature proving the fat burning benefits of a diet high in lean protein and fibre is finally catching the eye of mainstream consumers. Protein is the most important component of each and every meal or snack you consume. It builds and maintains muscle, allows your body to preferentially burn fat, increases metabolism through the thermic effect of feeding, and fills you up. Fibre (ideally obtained from fruits and vegetables, specifically green vegetables) helps slow digestion for a more steady supply of nutrients and sustained energy, it prevents overeating at each meal, and it helps keep you more full between meals. Thus by combining protein and fibre every two to four hours, you provide your body with the optimal one-two belly fat burning punch for a leaner, sexier you.

I have no doubt, that people will be consuming more protein and fruits and vegetables next year, and because of that their bodies will reap the rewards.

Well, those are three of my fitness predictions for 2010 according to my crystal ball. I hope the information in this article gives you the push you need to be the trendsetter for your own body and the bodies of those whom you care most about in the New Year!

Train Hard, Eat Smart!


5 Tips To Beat The Winter Weight Gain

The average person gains 10lb of fat in the run up to Christmas! All things in moderation is a really good motto that serves you well over time.  To help with that, here are some important healthy holiday eating tips as we move into the season…

#1 – Get the bulk of your calories early in the day. A “breakfast of champions” will serve you really well year round, but particularly during the holidays.

#2 – Don’t go to that party hungry. You know what will be there, and most of it is “danger” food! Eat something healthy before you head out to the holiday shindig.

#3 – Portion control. If you just do this on a consistent basis…you’ll see the pounds begin to melt away. Really. Sample different things, but don’t overdo anything, particularly the dreaded “comfort foods.”

#4 – Substitute dry white or red wine for other alcohols. If you drink, don’t drink the egg nog! Beers and mixed drinks pack more calories. Yes, your friends may give you an odd look, but you’ll feel better than they do the next day (and you’ve got a goal to achieve, which makes you better than them anyway! :)

#5 – Join Boot Camp NOW! That’s right join my fitness Boot Camp now and get a jump start on your New Years resolutions. What’s more I’ll let you train for FREE in December if you join my 6.30am, 9.30am or 12.00pm classes. For more information click here

By the way, Christmas is great day to do a workout in the morning. You’ll enjoy the meal that much more. And if you can’t get in a workout, then by all means come see me the next business day!

Train Hard, Eat Smart!

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Christmas Boot Camp Offer

December is a crazy month!

What with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and over indulging in all that extra yummy Christmas food. Add to the the increased strain on our time with seeing friends and family and then having to wrap all those gifts is it any wonder that the average person packs on over 10lb of fat over the Christmas period?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ m going to tell you how you can keep from piling on the pounds and help you get fit over the Christmas period so you look great in that little black dress at the New Years party and I’m not going to ask you to pay a single penny until the New Year.

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Train Hard, Eat Smart, Look Great!


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