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What I Predict For The Future Of Fitness

Well, it’s almost Christmas and it’s time for my annual fitness year in review. Sadly, it appears as though the fitness industry as a whole has again failed to produce any significant results on a broad scale to effectively reverse the scary obesity epidemic that is plaguing society. More specifically, the sickening fact that British…

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5 Tips To Beat The Winter Weight Gain

The average person gains 10lb of fat in the run up to Christmas! All things in moderation is a really good motto that serves you well over time.  To help with that, here are some important healthy holiday eating tips as we move into the season… #1 – Get the bulk of your calories early…

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Christmas Boot Camp Offer

December is a crazy month! What with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and over indulging in all that extra yummy Christmas food. Add to the the increased strain on our time with seeing friends and family and then having to wrap all those gifts is it any wonder that the average person packs on over 10lb…

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