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Barnstaple Personal Trainer Marc KentOver the years I’ve joined gyms, which after a month or two I’ve always lost the motivation to carry on with. And I never felt very comfortable going, there wasnt really a social side to it and I never felt very welcome.

I’ve always been very active as i worked full time working as a groom and rode on average 4 hours a day, so I kept myself reasonably fit.

In 2007 I managed to break my back in a riding accident, I had a fracture to my 1st lumbar vertebrae, which was not stable. I had to go through major spinal surgery to reconstruct the L1, which involved the removal of one rib which was put into a small cage and attached to my spine which left 3 vertebrae fused together and an 11 inch scar to show for it.  So as you can imagine I had alot of muscle wastage and had become very weak. This took over a year to recover from with a lot of hard work to get back on my feet and get my strength back.

In 2009 I had a Christmas Day baby and I put on quite a bit of weight and was a size 14 which i had never been before! I also lost alot of confidence in myself mentally and physically. I had heard very good reports on Marcs Bootcamp but was very worried as to wether I would be able to do it with my back problems, I’m so glad i took that step!

Marc is fantastic he took onboard my back problem and was great at giving me alternative exercises when needed and made sure I did everything correctly so my back wasn’t under any unessesary strain. Every session is different and you’re pushed to your limit and beyond!. Everyone is really welcoming and we have a laugh along the way! I feel great after every session and have seen real improvements in my body. My back is so much stronger and I have lost over 1 and a half stone and am a size 10/12 but more importantly feel comfortable in my own skin!

In 2010 my husband and I were approached by a journalist as our son was born christmas day, they wanted to do an artical on us, which was great. I also got to do the front cover which would certainly not have happened if i hadnt lost all that weight.

I would highly recommend Marc Kents Bootcamp to anyone! Dont use old injurys as an excuse not to have a go!

Many thanks Estelle

Kerry lost 42lb and went from a size 16 to a size 8 at Marc Kent's Boot Camp

Kerry lost 42lb and went from a size 16 to a size 8 training 3 days per week at Marc Kent’s Boot Camp

Kerry has become the face of Marc Kent Health & Fitness in that she has become a real inspiration to everyone who comes to the gym with her positive attitude and hard work in the gym. Memebers often ask “what is your secret?” to which Kerry openly admits it’s “I constantly push myself in every single session I do at the gym and try to reach a personal best in at least one exercise. I am consistant with good nutrition, I stick to Marc’s EAT Smart nutrition plan 6 days per week and allow myself a treat or two at the weekend and that’s it”

For the last 12 months Kerry has been a mentorship student of Marc’s while she studies for her personal trainer qualifications. Marc has  teaching her every single thing he know’s about getting clients the results they want. She has also been attending seminar’s and coaching courses with other top personal trainers in the UK and the USA to improve her knowledge.

Marc says that “Kerry’s determained to be the best female fat loss expert in Devon and she know’s more about getting clients results than other trainers in the area who have been doing this for years. If Kerry wasn’t on my team she would be the only other trainer in the area that I would be worried about. After all, she’s know’s everything I do!”

Claire’s results speak for themselves:

14lb bodyweight lost

Reduced body fat by 10%

Meaning she lost 18lb of Body Fat

and 17 inches, improving her fitness and self confidence at the same time

“I just want to say marc your an absolute star, I cant thank you enough for what you have done for me.

I have great muscles and Im the lightest i have been since having three children,not only did i think it was impossible, i actually gave up hope of fitting ino all my old clothes.

Since i have been coming to boot camp i have dropped three dress sizes,I fit into my old clothes again and even they are too big for me now!! The confidence you have given me is amazing I feel and look so healthy words cannot describe the feeing it gives me to be able to wear what i want when i want without getting upsett about how i look. i would never have done it in this short space of time without you marc.

You should be so proud of what your doing for us I cant thank you enough.”


I started bootcamp in January 2010, and by May 2010 I had lost 2 stone,then by June/July 2010 I had lost 2 and a half stone!!!

Marc’s concept of ‘train hard, eat smart’ really works! I had put on weight after giving up smoking and couldn’t lose it on my own. For 2 years I battled with the gym,cycling machines and self motivation, but even when I lost some weight it wasn’t long term.

So after hearing such good things about Marc and the group training , I decided to join bootcamp with my partner Luke to lose weight in time for my July 2010 holiday. With on average going twice a week (due to some time off in March), and just simply changing my calorie intake, I dropped the weight in weeks!! I ate sensibly by eating more protein and less carbs for main meals,and taking out the un-necessary high calorie snacks for fruit and natural yogurt, (Marc now has his own cookbook now though).

It was so much easier to change my eating than what I thought it would be, and Luke has also done amazingly well by losing 2 stone too! If your prepared to work hard and listen to Marc’s great advice you will drop the weight. I love the fact it’s so welcoming there and so unlike the ego filled gyms you can get. The sessions also vary each time you go, so you never get bored. Marc will motivate you, support and guide you through the experience, and get you results!

I would recommend this to ANYONE. After dropping 3-4 dress sizes, my life is much better and my confidence is restored! Thank you Marc!

Zoe Friendship


Where to start?

In September 2009 I was badly overweight and totally unfit – I say it was the result of 30+ years of sedentary work in an office, but who knows? Something had to be done!

I  interrogated Google for a Personal Trainer in the Barnstaple area. Marc’s site came up and I began one-to-one training sessions (roughly two a week) – the results are spectacular!

I’ve lost almost four stone in weight (five dress sizes) and feel significantly healthier and fitter – I’m told I walk around the house and up the stairs more quickly than I used to. I can run around with my small grandchildren and will hopefully be around a lot longer to see them grow up.

Sure it’s hard work and it hurts but Marc has a great way of encouraging you to keep going and not give up. Thanks Marc.


With my wedding approaching I wanted to be in really good shape for my big day. I decided to Join Marc Kent’s Boot camp after hearing fantastic reports about it from numerous people.

I also heard that Marc offered a bridal service to women to get them feeling comfortable for their big day, which sounded perfect for me.

I think two of the main things that make you nervous about joining a new gym are what are the people like and will I be able to do the exercises?

Everyone at Marc Kent’s Boot camp classes are very friendly and there are no big ego’s that you find in some gyms. People befriend you straight away and make you feel comfortable instantly. Marc is a fantastic trainer and really looks after you throughout the session. He made sure I was performing the exercises correctly, and was very positive. He offered superb encouragement during the session to perform to my best without making me feel like I was being shouted at. The exercises are very well thought out and target all the areas of the body.

After six weeks of training in the run up to my wedding I noticed my whole body had become much more toned and I felt very happy with my appearance and the way I felt. Thanks to Marc I felt fantastic on my wedding day, and I will certainly be carrying on with the training.

Lucy Ley

Woolacombe North Devon

I joined Marc Kent’s Boot Camp after a friend recommended it to me. I canquite honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I had 10 weeks until I was getting married, the dress of my dreams was in my wardrobe but was so very tight, it would of made my big day rather uncomfortable.

After 4 weeks of Boot Camp I had shrunk in places I thought it wasn’t possible to shrink and the dress fitted perfectly!

Everyone that attends Boot Camp has a really positive attitude, we are all there for the same reason, we encourage each other and make the whole experience a joy to be a part of.

I am continuing to attend Boot Camp and look forward to some more fantastic results. If you want to increase your fitness levels, have fun and shape your body into a look you have always dreamed of, then Marc Kent’s boot camps are for you!

I whole heartedly recommend them!!

Suse Rolfe

Radio Presenter, Barnstaple

Join Marc Kent’s boot camp and see real results fast. Through a well thought out system of circuits Marc will work with you to reach your goals. From all ages and all sizes everyone does the same task according to their ability and you’ll soon be exceeding your own expectations!

In just 4 weeks I’ve lost inches and have a totally new outlook on life, I have ten times more energy, really think about what I’m eating and can honestly  say I enjoy each and every session! Having never really stuck to any exercise class previously I’m a real convert to Marc’s fun and easy going approach.

Yes it can be hard but it’s never impossible and the friends you make along   the way will help pull you through!

Train hard, eat smart – love it!

Ria Cockburn


Well, what can I say, going to Boot Camp was one of the best things I have ever done! Before I went, I had no energy, will power or motivation for exercise or healthy eating. I had no idea what to expect, except that it was going to be tough. Tough is an understatement, but what I certainly didnt expect was to have fun!

I got intouch with Marc as i was getting married in 6 months and wanted to look & feel the very best i could for my big day,i put it off for about 3 weeks as i really thought i wouldnt be able to do it.

When I arrived Boot Camp, I had a very warm welcome reception, all the girls were very friendly and everyone got on brilliantly. We couldnt have asked for a better PT in Marc he was awesome! I was pushed passed limits I never knew I had and he was there every step of the way to help me achieve the best results possible. All the girls were great too and we all encouraged each other, and everyone had such a laugh.

As the weeks went on i was still buzzing from it all, and when I got home from a session i always felt great. Everyone kept telling me how great I looked, which was lovely to hear and boosted my confidence even more.When I went food shopping i stocked up my cupboards with all healthy foods. The advice from Marc about nutritionist was brilliant and he gave me loads of meal and snack ideas and even wrote a cook book to help us all.

I lost a stone and a half and dropped a dress size . I was over the moon and it made all that hard work so worth it! On my wedding day i felt amazing and it made the day even more special,i didnt want to take my dress off as it fitted like a glove,before the wedding i did have to get it taken in a few times as the weight fell off but that was such a good feeling!

I would strongly recommend Boot Camp to anyone who wants a bit of a kick start to a better out look, increase their fitness and a step towards achieving your ideal weight loss

Thank you Marc i could not of done it without you

Mrs Tammy Naylor

12 months ago I walked into Marc Kent’s Boot Camp. I didn’t know what to expect & was very nervous but I’d decided that I wanted something completely different, something that no-one that I knew was doing, just in case I didn’t like it & then no-one would know that I’d even been if I didn’t like it. Well let me tell it was & still is the best decision I’ve ever made and now instead of hiding where I go I tell people where I’ve been!

I started off going twice a week – this was hard at first as I had not done anything quite so exhausting in my life. Marc not only guided me, telling how to do all the exercises correctly, but he motivates me into being more positive and I now think “I can do this” rather than “I can’t”. I now attend 3 times a week & get a buzz from it every time! You may not always feel like going but believe me once you are there it creates a better vibe within yourself for the rest of the day.

My body shape has completely changed & my fitness is on a completely new level, I am still a work in progress but then I always will be as we should all strive to better ourselves.

Not only do I get fitter every week, I have met some lovely people & made many new friends so it’s not all about the fitness it’s socializing as well, which is always good for the soul.

If you think you can’t do it, then believe you can. It is hard and I never tell anyone that it isn’t, press ups, burpees (didn’t even know what they were before!!), hand walks, rings (still hate these though) , kettlebells – oh so many different things we do with these. I can now do many more things than I ever thought possible – I have learnt to have a go & to push myself.

Thank you Marc, I know that it is down to me for doing the hard work but without you giving me that extra push I would never feel like I do today & I am looking forward to a healthy, fitter & definitely more good vibes in my days ahead.


i used to be your typical 5 minute wonder when it came to exercise! i have joined various gyms and classes in the past, only to give up in a matter of weeks! but bootcamp has turned that around for me 100%. i have been going now for 4 months, 3 times a week and i love it! My aim before i started was to loose a few pounds and tone up and i most definatley see a difference! my body shape has definatley changed and is continuing to get stronger and fitter and more toned. Marc has taught me to see exercise as a part of my lifestyle and not just a chore. He encourages you every step of the way and keeps bootcamp interesting, making every session slightly different to the last. It is hard work, but if you have the willpower to achieve the results you are looking for, then i can guarantee you will succeed if you join bootcamp. It is highly addictive!!!



having just had a baby i really needed to get back into shape, in the first 3 wks i managed to lose half a stone thanks to marc. over the yrs ive been to the gym but never pushed myself hard enough bootcamp does just that it takes you to your limit but its great fun at the same time. having broke my back over 2 yrs ago im always a bit cautious what i do exercise wise but marcs great he gives me a different exercise if needed so dont let old injuries put you of he takes them into consideration. highly recommend bootcamp for quick results estelle x

Last year I broke a bone in my back and despite the bone healing the muscle in my back was buggered, so even standing and sitting were painful. I’d signed up for the free newletter from Marc’s page last year but at the end of January this year I decided it was time to sort my back out for real. Since then I’ve been going to boot camp 3 times a week at 6.30am (!) an unGodly hour but even then Marc is enthusiastic and encouraging. I found some of the exercises very difficult to start with but Marc was always there to give me encouragement and offer advice on how to adapt the exercise to benefit me. My back has got a lot stronger and knees to elbows are no longer the scarest thing in the world! I have great fun and I feel stronger and fitter for it. I’ve only been going for 4 months, imagine how I’ll feel in another

Catherine Heraty

I’ve never really been athletic, and being in my late 30s and approaching 20 stone the doctor told me I was a cheese burger away from diabetes, so I thought I’d give Marc’s bootcamp a try. The first week was painful on the muscles, but the difference in my energy levels was amazing. Almost immediate I found myself more awake, and more alert that I ever been, despite the 6:30 am to the bootcamp! Within a fortnight people were commenting on how ‘something has changed’. My shoulders weren’t so slumped over, I was walking taller and feeling great. Four months later and I am still loving it! Even when I try to skip a morning, I can’t do it.

Ben Waymark

I have been going to bootcamp for 3months now and i can honestly say that im a total addict.I never in my life thought that would happen to me, i never really understood people who got addicted to exercise but now i so do! I have gone to a few classes at other places in the past but never lasted more than a few times,never really new if i was doing it right.Then a client of mine came to see me who i hadnt seen for a while and she looked amazing,i asked what she had been doing and she told me about bootcamp, I emailed Marc that night and asked to join up,i was so scared but I have never looked back.and wish i done it before.I go 3 times a week and everyone there made me so welcome and we help each other through the sessions, Im fitter and stronger than ever before.

Marc is so encouraging and i couldnt of achieved what i have without his help and support.I have dropped a dress size and my body looks totally different.i have never looked or felt better in my life.Im getting married in september and cannot wait to put my dress on and to feel a million dollars.Thankyou Marc.
Tammy Perry

“In the four weeks that I have been going to boot camp I have lost 18 inches and 13lb of body fat!”

A friend of mine that was already going to bootcamp had got good results so I thought what have I got to lose by giving it a go. Although my friend had good results within a month, I was a little skeptical and just hoped it would work for me to. In the four weeks that I have been going to boot camp I have lost 18 inches and 13lb of body fat! This came as a surprise as I didn’t think I had lost that much as I hadn’t been as good with my diet as I should have been, so it could have been more! I would definitely recommend Marc’s boot camp training to anyone, as long as you put the work in you will see the results. If I can do it anyone can!

Emma Newcombe

South Molton

I found the Bootcamp really helpful – the encouragement and skills of Marc as a trainer were fantastic and keep me going even when I thought I couldn’t!

My initially reservations about exercising in a group situation were equally soon reduced and I have found it beneficial in helping to motivate myself.

The results have also been really rewarding; before starting the Bootcamp I had reached a bit of a plateau in terms of weight loss but Bootcamp gave me a kick start to losing more.

I was also impressed by Marc’s skill as a Sport Therapist who worked magic on my incredibly tight hamstrings – I can touch my toes for the first time in ages!!

Elspeth Braid

A unique approach to exercise, with excellent results.

I have always been a keen sports person and try to keep myself as fit as possible. However I was due to be married six weeks from when I first went to the class so I wanted to make sure I was in as best shape as I could be.

I was recommended to go to one of Marc’s boot camps as I had heard brilliant reports about it. When I arrived I found the whole class to be very well set out. Marc guided me superbly through the exercises and I never feel like I didn’t know what I was doing.

Marc has a special talent for getting the best out of you. During those six weeks I have never felt so good, and doing the training actually makes you want to eat healthily as well and makes it feel like less of a chore. My energy levels felt higher and I was getting less tired even after a hard days work. I noticed areas of my body that I had tried to tone up for years, suddenly felt more toned.

I would recommend Marc’s Boot camp to anyone who feels they are lacking energy, want to get fitter, or just want to feel better within themselves. I loved everything about boot camp. A great trainer and a great group of people. We really are very lucky to have such a good trainer in our local area.

Andy Ley

Woolacombe, North Devon

Thanks Marc, that’s an outstanding result in such a short time.

I’ve been training with Marc now for about 4 weeks. I hadn’t noticed any change at first, no loss of weight (as its apparently all turning to toned, taught muscle!) or change in my appearance. However, this morning I went to the gym to do my usual rowing (concept II) and knocked 22 seconds off my 5k 3 year best!! After a brief cool down I then went onto 100 meter sprints and achieved a personal best including my fastest ever “best pull”. Thanks Marc, that’s an outstanding result in such a short time. To get that 100m time after doing a 5k row amazed me more than anything as my recovery time is important for next years goal.

I’ve been training in my sport for 28 years now, trained with many instructors and coaches at national and international level and this really is the best, most thoughtful training session ever.


Martin Hewlett

Loosing 11″ in such a short amount of time has made a real difference……Thank you!

Hi Marc Just wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement over the past 4 weeks. Loosing 11″ in such a short amount of time has made a real difference considering im just sorting my nutrition out.

Look forward to the next month.

Thanks again,

Helen Lock

South Molton, Devon

Marc, thank you, your a life saver x

If you’re finding losing weight an issue, Marc Kent’s sessions are fab. Not only are they fun, they are informative and beneficial. It’s been 4 weeks and I have lost 12″, How could you do that any other way?

Marc, thank you, your a life saver x

Claire Nicholls

South Molton, Devon

“It’s more than just a workout, its fun too!

Before I started training at Marc’s Boot Camp I found myself with no energy. It was hard to motivate myself to do exercise, which I found a challenge, but now about three months later I have noticed a vast improvement.

In such a small space of time I have noticed my energy levels increase and I can run for longer periods of time than I thought possible. I always seem to surprise myself and later this year I will be taking part in the Barnstaple Race for Life! I have noticed my body is more toned that when I used to train four times a week at the gym, which I found a real struggle. I found it hard to get motivated to carry on as it felt more like a chore, but training with Marc I find he’s always encouraging, he knows what I am capable of doing and knows that I can do things without me realising it and will always push me because he knows I can do it. It’s more than just a workout, its fun too.

Becki Bird


“Marc is brilliant at adapting exercises to suit your personal ability to ensure you achieve maximum results.”

Since I have been training with Marc my fitness levels have improved greatly. Marc is brilliant at adapting exercises to suit your personal ability to ensure you achieve maximum results. Some parts of the training can be challenging- but it’s always fun and gets desired results fast. I would highly recommend Marc and his Boot Camps to anyone serious about losing weight and getting fit.

Georgina Kelly Westward Ho!

“I would recommend Marc to people wishing to better themselves for a better life”

When I first met Marc, I was training towards my Police Fitness test and very nervous about taking it. In the time that I have worked with Marc, he has increased both my physical fitness and my confidence towards physical pursuits through his Boot Camps and guidance. Since first meeting Marc, I have passed my test and have set further higher goals. Marc is a genuine, professional and empathetic person and I would highly recommend him to anyone from beginners to pros.

Adam Sinclair BIDEFORD

“I signed up for 2 boot camps sessions and one personal training session a week – Its one of the best investments I have ever made! Marc has quietly pushed me to achieve far more than I thought possible and encouraged healthy changes to my diet. In just 8 weeks I have lost a stone and changed my shape. I feel stronger, have more energy, and although I still get stressed at times, being a busy working mum feel I cope far better than before when under pressure. I have also met a great bunch of people to train with.

Thank you Marc – couldn’t have done it without you! ”

Jane Harris

Mother of two, Instow

Marc has helped my training routine by adding variety and pushing me further than I would normally push myself. He has a varied knowledge of training regimens as well as providing dietary advice and tips on general healthy living. Since starting training with Marc I have noticed an improvement in strength training abilities, as well as a reduction in my chronic back pain. Marc has provided me with an intense and time saving regime I can fit around work, as well as variety to keep boredom at bay.

Dr Helen Sambles


Dear Marc,

We would just like to send you a huge thank you from all of us at Ilfracombe Rugby Club for putting us through our paces in our pre season fitness sessions. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and training techniques certainly paid dividends as we have got off to a flyer this season with all our players looking in great shape and are currently looking good for promotion.

Many Thanks,

Ilfracombe Rugby Club.

“I strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve there physical as well as mental well being” I have been seeing Marc for a total of four one hour (massage) sessions and already I am feeling the benefit.

I suffer bouts of acute stomach pains due to IBS which I feel through receiving regular massage treatments and Marc’s advice on diet and exercise has helped me maintain a healthy digestion. In turn this has aided me in my day to day activities. I have more energy, feel a lot less muscular tension, my stomach is less bloated and I feel less stressed.

Marc has also given me postural advice – advising me on shoulder strengthening and flexibility. I myself am a therapist and therefore am quite fussy when it comes to receiving treatments. Marc is defiantly the Therapists therapist and I strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve there physical as well as mental well being.

Natalie Prior

Massage Therapist

This is what Jo says after only two weeks…. …the exercises you prescribed are excellent…. I’ve already got more energy and feel more positive – less slouchy and lethargic. I’m sure I’m standing up straighter – and feel my muscles are more activated. Some of the exercises are hard – the bench presses are the worst! But it’s good to have a challenge and something to work towards.

Jo Hill

Online Coaching Client

“I’ve felt significant improvement in my all round health” In the three weeks that I have worked with Marc Kent I’ve felt significant improvement in my all round health. Marc is very conscientious and is able to tailor my routine to my needs and limitations. I came in with tendonitis in my shoulder and I’m leaving without a single pain in my body and a smile on my face that accompanies me all week long. I highly recommend Marc Kent as a Personal Trainer. He’s kind, he listens and he motivates. Georgina Rodriguez

“My body feels and looks all the better for it!” Working with Marc was fun and rewarding. I was uninspired with my workouts and not getting anywhere on my own but since working with Marc he has completely changed my outlook on exercise and my body feels and looks all the better for it!

Kim Raine

“I would recommend Marc to anybody seeking to work to the best of their abilities” As a fellow Personal Trainer and Master Coach I would like to acknowledge the skills and abilities of Marc Kent. I have received personal training from Marc throughout his time in Spain and especially enjoyed his ability to push me to make me work harder than I can on my own.

Marc has a great approach to personal training and this shines through in his training. Marc’s passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness is a credit to himself and inspirational for his clients. He is very focussed on ensuring that his client is working safely, effectively and to the maximum of their ability. He quickly finds the best way to make you work hard and uses this to allow you to reach your potential.

Marc’s motivational ability is matched by his skills and knowledge both inside and outside the gym. He thoroughly understands the mechanics of the body and various techniques that can be used to produce the desired outcomes for his clients.

I know that Marc will have many successful clients throughout his personal training career. I would recommend Marc to anybody seeking to work to the best of their abilities and gain motivation from a brilliant personal trainer. I wish Marc all the best in his personal training career.

Sharon Curiarello

Master Coach,

Australian Institute of Fitness, Spain