Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Barnstaple Personal TrainerI wish……

Have you ever noticed how some people are constantly wishing their life away, as if there was some magical genie in a bottle going pop up into their lives to grant these wishes for them.

You hear people say things like…..

I wish I had a better body
I wish I had more money
I wish I could afford a holiday
I wish I was happy

The trouble with wishing for something to happen is that you leave your wants and desires to chance.

Chances are that unless you actually do something about it, you’ll never get the things that you want.

Wishing for a better body will never ever result in a better body.

If you want a better body then you have to work for it. Eating smart, exercising and following a healthy lifestyle will get you the body that you want, but no genie is going to give it to you. You have to go out and create it through your own hard work and dedication.

Wishing for more money is a also a waste of time. Unless you get very very lucky on the lottery then you’re going to have to go out and earn that money. Now a lot of people clock in and clock out of work and put in minimum effort for the 8 hours or so that they’re on the clock. They bitch moan and complain that they don’t get the promotion that they want or that someone else has been promoted above them. But bitching and moaning is just like wishing. It’s counterproductive and doesn’t get you anywhere.

If those same people put the same amount of effort into being productive and being the shining star in the workplace don’t you think that at some point the boss will notice and consider you for a promotion or pay rise?

Stop wishing for more money, start working for it 😉

Another thing I hear people say is “I wish I could afford a holiday”. These same people are hitting it hard on the weekends pubbing and clubbing, or wasting their money on needless junk. Spending less money in the coffee shop every day, cutting back a bit on the beer or the magazines that you never read can all add up to some savings that you could then spend on a holiday.

It’s basically about spending your money on the things that are important to you. Sometimes we can’t afford to have everything but if we could back on some of the stuff we don’t really need it can free up some cash for what we want.

Or, see point two and start shining like a star in the workplace and maybe get that promotion.

Finally, some people say “I wish I was happy” or something similar. But then they are constantly beating themselves up and dragging themselves down with negative talk.

Everyone can be happy. It doesn’t take a wish to achieve it. Just cut the negatives out of your life and start doing more of the things that you do like.

It really can be that simple.


The cold hard facts are that unless you get out of bed every single day and do something about it every singe day then you’ll never have what you wish for.

So, stop wishing for it and start working towards it.

Have an awesome day,


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