Spring Has Sprung

So with spring being in full swing I am enjoying the sunshine that we have been having. The days are getting longer. The days are getting warmer and that gives me more time to get out on adventures on my bike or head down the beach with my children.
What about you {!firstname_fix}?
Are you enjoying the sun? Planning a holiday?
But are you in shape for it? Is your body beach ready, or will you be hiding under a t-shirt?
The good news is that if you’ve got a few lbs to lose or you want to tone up in time for the summer season then all you need is 21 days.
In 21 days you can lose several pounds and tone your body so that you feel confident when get down to the beach.
All you need to do is make a few simple changes like the ones below:
1. Reduce the processed foods from your diet and replace then with more natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and organic meat
2. Stop snacking between meals. If you’re constantly eating then your body has no need to burn your excess body fat as you’re constantly topping up the calorie tanks.
3. Drink plenty of fresh water per day. Not only will staying hydrated keep your cells healthy, it will reduce your incidences of headaches as well as reducing your sugar cravings. Try it, you’ll see.
4. Start an exercise programme that includes full body interval workouts and commit to exercising 3 days per week. Full body interval workouts burn more calories than running or cycling so you burn more body fat in less time. They also help to tone your body faster.
5. Don’t be so strict on your diet that you end up gorging on everything in sight. Learn how to incorporate your favourite foods into your lifestyle so that you can enjoy a slice of cake or a bacon sandwich without feeling guilty and still make progress with your health and fitness programme.
If you add those 5 tips into your routine for 21 days you’ll be closer to achieving the body that you want in time for the summer season.
If you need help getting started then check out my 21 day kickstart programme that commences on Monday 8th May. It’s only £21 for the first 10 people.
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Have a great day,