Six Tips To Help You Achieve Your New Years Fitness Goals

barnstaple new year, new youHope that you have had a brilliant Christmas and New Year and that all the extra food, drinks and treats a haven’t left you feeling too worse the wear.

Even though it was the holiday season I still managed to squeeze in some quick workouts. Well I had to make room for all the mince pies and the figgy figgy pudding.

So, with 2016 done and dusted, hopefully you’re ready to make the most of 2017. I’ve got some big plans for 2017 that I hope to be sharing with you throughout the year.

As I mentioned, it’s the New Year and with that come the annual resolutions that most people make on New Years Eve and then promptly forget or dismiss them within a week or so of January.

So today, I thought I’d share some simply tips to help you stick to your New Years Health and Fitness Resolutions.

Tip 1. Have a goal and write it down! Simple I know but the very act of committing your goal to paper makes it more concrete and gives you something to aim for. By keeping it locked away in your head makes it a wishy washy dream with less chance of it becoming reality. (I’ve wrote several articles on goal setting recently that you could use to help you define your goals. Check them out on the website).

Tip 2. Now take that piece of paper and make copies of it and place the copies in places you see on a regular basis. That way you are constantly reminded of your goal.

Tip 3. Now tell everyone about your goals, that way you have put pressure on yourself to stick to them because if you are anything like me you wont want to lose face and seem like a quitter to your friends and family.

Tip 4.Keep a nutrition diary. Write down everything that you eat (and I mean everything). That way you can closely monitor everything that goes in your mouth. Stick to the 90/10 rule. I recommend that 90% of your nutrition should be healthy and move you towards your goals. The other 10% can be a bit of what you fancy. So, if you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, you are eating 21 means per week.

10% of 21 = 2.1 bad meals per week. (I round that up to 3 some weeks)

Tip 5. Get a workout partner and set times to train together. That way if you know your friend is going to be waiting for you, you will be less likely to slack off. This has massively improved my fitness recently as I had been skipping too many workouts but my training partner has me push on when I’ve felt like giving up at times. (See I’m human too).

Tip 6. Join a fitness programme that has a proven track record of getting great results. My Six Week Transformation Programme is tried and tested and gets fantastic results for everyone who follows the programme and right now I’m offering the first 25 to sign up 3 free copies of my cook books. That’s over 150 recipes to help you stay fit and healthy for 2017 and beyond.

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Have a great day,

MK 🙂

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