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As you may know boot camps are big business. They have been seen as a quick way for trainers to make more money and work less hours and I’m all for that.

But the trouble with boot camp, it has allowed for personal trainers to get away with shoddy program design and worse still has stopped most trainers from even assessing their potential boot camp clients. To me that is just a recipe for disaster.

But worse still there are guru’s selling boot camp programs on the internet who have never run a single boot camp session in their life. That can’t be right!

Now that’s all fine and dandy in my books and it is nice to have a full camp but you are going to come unstuck if you don’t have the skillset to coach all your boot campers. First become brilliant at what you do before you get carried away with your marketing.

We became personal trainers to help people change their lives. To do that we need to know what it is the client wants but more importantly we need to know where the client is coming from. We find this out through our initial assessment. As a personal trainer you would or at least should carry out some kind of health assessment with every single one of your one to one clients. That assessment should cover their current health, medical health, static postural assessment and some kind of movement screen. The gold standard of postural assessments is the Kinetic Chain Assessment course.

Since I attended my Level 1 KCA course I was looking for ways to integrate the assessment protocols into my boot camp training system and as I progressed up to KCA Level 3, I have developed what is now the Commando Fitness Camp Blueprint.

The Commanod Fitness Camp blueprint lays out the exact methods that I have used to grow my Commando Fitness Camp from one client to over one hundred within the 12 months.

Inside I uncover:

  • Exactly what Boot Camp is, and more specifically what it isn’t.
  • How I incorporate the skills learned as a Kinetic Chain Specialist into group assessments. Remember you should be assessing your clients health, not guessing.
  • The exact assessment protocol I use with every single boot camp prospect. I guide you through each of the movement screens I do with my boot camp prospects.
  • The training templates I use to design my boot camp training programs. Boot Camp originally started out as an affordable way for clients to work with a trainer. My boot camp training programs reflect the priciples I use with my one to one clients.
  • 16 week progressive boot camp training program, that takes you from day 1 week through 16 weeks of training so you don’t have to plan a thing. These are the programs that have had my clients lose up to 22lb in 4 weeks!
  • The rationale for every one of the 16 week training programs. I don’t just give you a bunch of exercises and say get on with it, I give you my reason why I wrote the program the way I did.
  • 24 Done for you Boot Camp workouts as I use in my boot camps to get phenominal results.

Commando Fitness Camp Blueprint

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