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Say “I Do” To A Slimmer More Toned You

Barnstaple Personal Trainer- Bridal FitnessDear future bride,

Imagine for a moment: You’re standing outside the church waiting to take that first step down the aisle. Your future husband stands proudly waiting at the altar. The string quartet begins to play your entrance music. You pause to take a breath as over one hundred pairs of eyes turn to face you as you make that first step to a new chapter of your life.

There have been times of joy, stress, frustration, tears and laughter as you have planned this one perfect day for months but as you walk down the aisle you smile confidently to yourself knowing that you look amazing.

At Marc Kent Health & Fitness all of our Bridal Fitness programs are GUARANTEED to help you look and feel your very best on the day you say “I do”.

Each bridal fitness program leaves no stone unturned as we sculpt lean toned muscles, burn unwanted body fat from problem areas and improve your posture so you carry yourself with grace and poise on the day when all the cameras are on you.

All of our bridal fitness programs are designed for brides, bridesmaids and grooms to get in shape for that big day. Each bridal fitness package begins with a full Kinetic Chain Assessment (KCA).

Our Kinetic Chain Assessment is the “Rolls Royce” of functional fitness assessments and currently Marc Kent is the only Level 3 KCA Specialist in Barnstaple and the South West. The KCA allows us to understand the truly unique way in which your body functions and, as you’ll see when you experience it for yourself, it really does leave no tone unturned. In fact, by the time we’ve finished assessing you, you’ll know more about your body and why you’ve had sticking points, injuries and those niggling aches and pains than ever before. And when you do, those results will come faster than ever before too!

Following the KCA we will go through a full Lifestyle analysis to determine any mental road blocks that may hold you back.

Included in every Bridal Fitness package is at least one full body massage, ideal to relieve the stress from all the planning as well as ease tired muscles.

And to complete your transformation each of our Bridal Fitness Programs come with a FREE copy of the “EAT Smart Diet & Nutrition Plan”

As a Personal Trainer I have literally met hundreds of young women that have wanted to somehow improve themselves physically. That is the common thread, however everyone has a different idea of what that is. Some want weight loss, some want tone but ultimately all of these women want to be in the best shape of their lives on their wedding day. Weight loss, tone, stress relief are all just nice side effects. But don’t just take our word for it, read what all of these beautiful brides have said about Barnstaple’s Elite Bridal Fitness services:

Bridal Fitness Packages:

Our Silver package consists of:

12 weeks Boot Camp Membership
1 x Massage
1 x Kinetic Chain Assessment

Our Gold package consists of:
2 x Semi-Private Training Sessions Per Week for 12 Weeks
2 x Massage
1 x Kinetic Chain Assessment

Our Platinum package consists of:
3 x Personal Training Sessions Per Week for 12 Weeks
2 x Massage
1 x Integrated Manaul Therapy Sessions
1 x Kinetic Chain Assessment