Quick Exercise Tip

Hope you had a great weekend and that you’re still moving in the right direction with all your fitness and fat loss goals.

Every weekend I spend a little time planning my week ahead and I always ensure that I book my training sessions into my diary. By doing this I always know I’m going to be able to fit my training into my life and I don’t end up missing a session because life got in the way.

Try planning your diary in advance and schedule time in to exercise. This exercise doesn’t have to be an hour long either. As I’m so busy at the moment I’ve designed my training program around doing two 20-minute sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These are my resistance training days where I training my whole body using weights.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I do two 10 minutes per day, these are my conditioning workouts and I use things like kettlebells, battling ropes, medicine balls often in a circuit.

But you don’t even have to do this. Try and find 2, 3 or 4 ten-minute slots in your day where you can squeeze in some exercise. The bonus of exercising in little 10-minute bursts is that you are revving up your metabolism 2-4 times per day instead of the “traditional” once per day.  And trying to find 2-4 ten-minute slots per day can be easier than finding a 1-hour chunk of time.

Another bonus of short workouts is that you don’t even need to go to the gym. Using body weight exercises such as squats, press ups, burpees, towel rows, lunges and mountain climbers you can build some brilliant fat burning workouts.

In fact give these two 10 minute workouts a go:

Workout A:

Prisoner Squats x 10

Press Ups x 10

Burpees x 5

Do the above three exercises as a circuit with no rest between exercises. This is one round. Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Record how you do and then try to beat it the next time you do the workout.

Workout B:

Reverse Lunge x 2

Towel Row x 2

Mountain Climbers x 2

Do 2 reps of each exercise as a circuit with no rest between each exercise. Repeat the circuit but this time do 4 reps of each. Continue adding 2 reps every time you start the circuit. Keep going for ten minutes.

So that’s training shorted, what about nutrition. Last week I touched on a typical days food for my so today I thought I’d actually share with you exactly what I had to eat yesterday:


Vegetable Omelette

4 eggs

1 Tomato

1 mushroom

1 red pepper


Chicken & Bacon Salad with a Watermelon Shake

1 chicken breast

2 slice lean bacon

Sliced yellow peppers





Spring Onion


Lemon & Thyme Chicken

1 Chicken Breast seasoned with lemon & thyme

Baby new potato’s (boiled)

Mixed salad.

As you can see, EATing Smart doesn’t have to be bland or boring. In fact eating like this is very colourful compared with bland, stodgy and colourless processed foods.

Ok so not all processed food is colourless, it’s just the colours you find in processed foods have been artificially added to make it look better and then they add in loads of artificial flavours and MSG to make it taste better.

EATing Smart is how Mother Nature intended us to eat and by switching over to a more natural way of eating you will not only feel better but you will look better to.

EATing Smart is easy when you know how and to help get you started I’ve compiled a EAT Smart cookbook that contains 101 EAT Smart compliant recipes. If you’d like to grab a copy, please head o over to the website by clicking this link: EAT Smart Cookbook

Have a great week,

Marc Kent

Author: Commando Fitness Blueprint