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When most people think of personal training they tend to think about rapid weight loss, losing fat and dropping clothing sizes. Rightly so too. After all, most people are inspired into taking up the services of a personal trainer in Barnstaple because, well, they’re out of shape, right?

So we’ve built a HUGE chunk of our business around helping people to do just that. Get back into tip-top shape… and fast!

But unlike most Barnstaple personal training companies, we’re not just about giving you a series of super-tough workouts, pounding you half to death and leaving you sore, stiff and hating every minute of your time with us, instead we’re about using a holistic model of result-producing systems known as The COMMANDO Sprit  Principles TM.

The COMMANDO Spirit Principles are unique to Marc Kent’s Personal Training Studio being created by Marc himself to bring about the fastest possible results in the safest possible manner by working on the indisputable truths of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Every client at Marc Kent Health & Fitness trains with COMMANDO Spirit. Marc has devised these principles to bring about the fastest possible results in the safest possible manner by working on the indisputable truths of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle

Courage To Make A Change

Optimal Alignment –  We believe that if you’re not assessing you’re guessing and so no client begins personal training with us before we have conducted a full kinetic chain assessment (KCA) that looks at every major muscle, joint and nerve in the body and assesses for alignment, strength, stability and postural control. Once identified we’ll create a tailor-made program that improves all of these qualities so that you improve faster from your training program.

Mobility & Flexibility

Muscle Strength & Endurance

Action Orientated – With an action-oriented, do-it-now attitude, supported by effective time management tips / disciplines, you get more out of your day

Nurtrition –  Forget that old chestnut of calories in vs calories out. If it were that simple then calorie controlled diets would work… and they don’t! The truth is that it’s more a case of QUALITY nutrition controlling your results than the quantity that you’re eating.

Don’t believe us?

We’ll prove it to you during your first 30 days with us by taking you through our World famous EAT Smart Diet program and helping you to drop pound after wobbly pound of fat faster than ever before.

All without counting calories or measuring your meal sizes.

Not only that, you’ll notice hair, teeth, skin and nails will improve, energy will shoot through the roof and niggling aches and pains will practically disappear or at least improve markedly.

We’ll then use all of that new energy with our ‘600 rule’ exercise programs that’ll have you exercising all 600 muscles of the body in every single personal training session meaning that you burn more calories and melt more fat than any traditional workout ever will.

Down Time – Rest, Recovery and Regeneration – One of the reasons people struggle to lose fat is that they’re not recovering well enough. Especially where it comes to sleep!

There’s an optimal ‘window’ for sleep that practically guarantees accelerated fat loss when used or, conversely, guarantees fat retention if ignored. We’ll teach you when, where and how much sleep you need to get results fast.

So you see, each technique individually is pretty  powerful when used alone but together they’re amazingly effective at bringing about rapid changes. The kind you’re after, right?

Optimal Hydration – Yes, you already know you should drink more water but did you know that NOT getting enough, not getting a good enough quality and not ensuring that your body can absorb it may be keeping you from losing fat? You do now… And you’ll know it even better when you start working with us too!

So, How Does Having COMMANDO Spirit Fit Into Our Personal Training Programs?

Well, it’s in EVERY program we ever create.

In fact, it’s the COMMANDO Spirit principles that makes all of this possible in the first place and which, as you’ll soon see, will ensure that whilst results come fast, they’ll last for ages and ages.

As you can see, we really DO  have the power to change your life and by following the COMMANDO Principles we will help you achieve all of your fitness and fat loss goals. No other personal training company has such a systematic approach to the assessment, programming, guidance and support of their clients which is why, of course, no other personal trainers would even consider guaranteeing their services like we do.

30 Day Drop-A-Dress-Size Challenge

This is our entry-level program aimed at helping clients to kick-start their fat loss and reduce a clothing size in just 30 days.

The program involves full exercise, nutrition and lifestyle support and, of course, comes with our now famous money back guarantee should you fail to achieve your goal… don’t worry though, you will!

This program is based on a minimum attendance of 2 personal training sessions per week during the 30 days and is a favourite among those who have not been training for a while or who are deconditioned. You will also be expected to do daily ‘homework’ sessions of 10-15 minutes each.

8 Week Skinny Jean Challenge

Another of our rapid fat loss programs, this one is aimed at those who are in a bit more of a hurry to get their results and who have the conditioning and/or desire to be pushed a little more in order to get a bigger result.

It’s not uncommon for people to lose 20lbs or more and 2-3 dress sizes during the course of this program but again, it IS a tough one. Only sign up for it if you’re, quite literally, ready to work you butt of.

This program is based around a minimum attendance of 2 days a week for personal training sessions and further attend the personal training studio 2-3 times per week. It’s a big commitment but if you want your results NOW then it may well be the right one for you. You will also be expected to do “exercise homework” when you’re not attending our Barnstaple Personal Training Studio.

12 Week Body Transformation Program

This is without a doubt THE most comprehensive weight loss program we’ve ever put together and will, quite literally, create a total body transformation… if you follow every step of the program.

You’ll be receiving the highest level of step-by-step instruction and support available as we guide you through a highly detailed process of nutritional and hormonal assessment and prescription, exercise programming, lifestyle and stress management and more besides.

This is a complete no-stone-unturned body transformation that will have you looking, feeling and performing better than you have for years. Maybe for ever!

This program is based around a minimum attendance of 1 days a week for personal training sessions as well as a personal homework program that will support your main program. Expect DRAMATIC results!

Why risk your time, money and effort on a ‘best guess’ with another personal trainer when you can have the COMMANDO Spirit on your side from day one?

The Investment

The Packages

Fit Brides

Imagine for a moment: You’re standing outside the church waiting to take that first step down the aisle. Your future husband stands proudly waiting at the altar. The string quartet begins to play your entrance music. You pause to take a breath as over one hundred pairs of eyes turn to face you as you make that first step to a new chapter of your life.

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