Nothing Changes Unless You Change

barnstaple personal traningStill here?
What I mean is, are you still here in the same spot as you were the other day when I asked if you had started your health and fitness programme.
Thing is, if you keep putting for fear of getting out of your comfort zone, then I’ve got some tough love for you..
You have to get out of your comfort zone to create change.
Staying locked in your comfort zone is actually bad for you.
Because it becomes uncomfortable. Physically and mentally as you never get the things you want.
You’ll never get the body you want by staying in your comfort zone.
You’ll never get that promotion you want by staying in your comfort zone.
And you’ll never know if that guy or girl is the special person unless you get out of your comfort zone and ask them out on a date.
Look. Moving forward and creating change is uncomfortable but it’s also exciting.
Ultimately, nothing changes unless you do.
Have a great day,
MK 🙂
PS. I’ll be announcing the date for my last 21 day programme of 2016 very soon. It’s a great programme to help kick start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. So keep an eye for that