Kinectic Chain Assessment Course

Just finished day one of the level 3 Kinetic Chain Assessment Course where we covered more in depth Kinetic Chain theory as well as recapping on what we had covered in levels 1 and 1.

We talked about the 6 stage disease cycle where the body goes from homeostasis through to the diseased stage and how every single system in the body affects the other. Which from a fat loss stand point makes so much sense. If you are stressing that you’re not losing weight when you are following the same workout and nutrition plan as someone else who is and they are getting better results, it could just be that they are more relaxed about it.

Being stressed raises cortisol levels, which in turn can lead to Insulin resistance. This means is that it takes more insulin to drive glucose into the cells when cortisol is high. So having high cortisol and high insulin, resulting in insulin resistance, is going to cause you to gain weight around the waist because your body will store fat there rather than burn it.  So chillax!

We then went on to discuss the true Kinetic Chain and how the body is a highly complex machine which is highly adaptable to the environment but this can also be its undoing as the body is capable of keeping going when a normal machine would break down.

To look at it another way, if you thought of your body as a high performance sports car you would put the best petrol, get it serviced at the correct intervals, change the tyres when they are worn so as to get the best from it.

The trouble is most people treat there body like a cheap run around, eating rubbish, depriving it of sleep, not doing the correct exercise and generally failing to take care of themselves.

They then wonder why they break, get ill, put of weight. In fact the list goes on. Remember you are what you ate! If you’ve been living of junk then is it any wonder you feel like crap?

We then went on to talk about how joint structure and location where very important for force production and if a joint wasn’t in its neutral position due to poor posture it can down regulate the nerve signals to and from it as well as the amount of muscle contraction it would allow.

Having joints out of neutral would cause pain, lead to altered movement patterns and eventually change the joints structure and lead to degeneration such as arthritis.

We then moved on to the practical portions where we learned to decompress joints.  But before we did any decompression we did some simple strength tests to test the difference.

After having a toe to tip decompression treatment I can tell you that not only do I feel a lot lighter but also all the strength tests were improved. I was more stable in my single leg squats and my pull-ups where a lot better. I’ve also been suffering with lower back pain from all the heavy squats and dead lifts I’ve been doing which had really affected my hamstring flexibility meaning I couldn’t do a simple toe touch. After having my lumbar spine decompressed I was able to not only touch the floor I was able to get my hands flat to the floor.

All this stuff will allow me to get even better results for my Barnstaple Personal Training clients as well as allow me to better treat people with ankle, knee and back pain, as well as clicking shoulders, neck pain and head aches.

I’m really looking forward to day to where we cover the visceral system and organ function.

Marc Kent