Intern Clients

I’d like to offer you this fantastic opportunity to become a client of one of my COMMANDO Principles Interns.

My Interns are all going through my training program so that they can deliver the exact same results as I do but you now have the chance to experience this for FREE for 30 day buts this offer wont be around for long.

If you would like to become a coaching client of one of my interns then these are the rules you will be expected to follow, no if’s but’s or maybes’. If you are not prepared to do any of this then please don’t apply.

1.You must promise to have a positive attitude and work your butt off at during your training session!

2. You must promise to show up at least 3 other times to the gym to work on your fitness program!

3. You must promise to follow the EAT Smart Diet 100% for the 30 days without exception. If you do not do this then we cannot accept you as a client.

4. You must fill out a nutrition diary and show it to your coach at every session

3. You must not be a past or current member of any of my training programs!

4. You be willing to take before and after photo’s

5. You must be willing to post your results on Facebook and tell people everyday that you are training at Marc Kent Health & Fitness

6. You must be willing to post this link on your Facebook profile every day for 30 days:

7. You must be willing to perform at least 2 days of exercise homework per week

8. You must be willing to pay for a full Kinetic Chain Assessment so we can design your training and corrective exercise program.

Oh, and just so we don’t get inundated with people wanting free who wont take this program seriously you will be required to write a cheque for £159 (the normal cost for a months personal training). Don’t worry though, if you are serious and complete the 30 days we will give you your cheque back at the end of the 30 days.

However if you quit within the 30 day period we will cash your cheque, does that sound fair?

If you don’t like the sound of that, you either weren’t paying attention or you’re not serious about finishing the program, as we have no intention of cashing your cheque if you finish. In fact, we genuinely don’t want your money. We’re only insisting upon this as a condition of your being accepted to the program so that we can separate those who’re serious from those who aren’t.

The next step is to reply to this ad with your Name, address, phone number and email so we can set up your Kinetic Chain Assessment.

But hurry, I’m going to post this ad all over the internet, and I’m only taking on 5 clients per intern!

If you qualify, be sure to make the smart decision and call me on 07834284706 with your name, address and phone number…

You’ll be so glad you did!

Marc Kent
Personal Trainer
Sports Therapist