Hydrate or Die, part 7

High Blood Cholesterol

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It is common belief that excess cholesterol that forms in the arteries is a precursor to heart disease and yes the two can co-exist towards the latter stages of the disease but it is Dr Batmanghelidj, author of “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” that excessive cholesterol build up is the result of a state of chronic dehydration in the body.

No before you shrug off this idea we first need to discuss cholesterols role in the body.

Cholesterol is also responsible for the production of hormones in the body and every cell has a cholesterol outer membrane. So important is cholesterol to the human us that we in fact make 75% of the cholesterol found in the body.

It’s only when things go wrong in the human body that cholesterol becomes labelled the ‘Devil’ and is branded evil. So lets take a closer look into why this happens.

Every time we eat water is shunted to the stomach to help digest the foods we eat. In a dehydrated state the body does not have enough water to go around and so water is pulled out of the cells to aid in digestion.

When this happens cholesterol comes to the rescue and starts to act as ‘clay’ to prevent the water being pulled out of the cells. Think of it as a Band-Aid to stop a leak.

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Cholesterol also only tens to collect at the junctions of arteries, this is because of the amount of pressure flowing through them and the turbulence causes damage to the arterial structures. Again, cholesterol comes to the rescue to coat these arterial junctions to prevent the pressure from causing irreversible damage.

Now, if you think back to part 6 of Hydrate or Die, where I talked about high blood pressure being the result of dehydration, this increase in blood pressure is going to cause damage to the arteries if cholesterol doesn’t step in to protect them.

Going back to eating and digestion: Acid reflux or heart burn is a sign of dehydration and that the acid levels have risen during digestion and that there is not enough water to keep the body within its ‘safe working zone.’ Taking an antacid is not curing the acid indigestion you are feeling, it’s mealy suppressing the symptoms. Dehydration is the cause, eliminate the cause and you ‘cure’ the symptoms!

In fact, antacids were clinically proven ineffective by a Swedish study in 1986. In fact antacids can sometimes worsen the pain by causing your stomach to produce more acid through a condition known as acid rebound.

Antacids also change the pH levels in your gut and can potentially cause an imbalance of the friendly bacteria which can put you at risk of infection.

So, to keep your cholesterol at “safe” levels be sure to keep well hydrated by drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water, be sure to add a small pinch of sea salt to enable your body to absorb the water more efficiently. Also ensure to eat a diet full of natural foods and stay away from processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and refraine from smoking.

Marc Kent

Author: Commando Fitness Blueprint