How to succeed at New Year Resolutions

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year. I had a fantastic time in New York with my girlfriend. On our final day we went on a cruise around Manhattan Island followed by dinner in a very nice restaurant and then a trip to the very top of The Empire State Building where I asked probably the most nerve racking question of my life when I asked Kerry if she would become my wife. After a brief pause due to the shock (i hope) she said “yes” and we have set a provisional date in the summer of 2012 for the big day.

Anyway, my news is not the reason I write today. Today I would like to offer some tips to help you stick to your New Years Resolutions.

1. Have a goal and write it down! Simple I know but the very act of committing your goal to paper makes it more concrete and gives you something to aim for. By keeping it locked away in your head makes it a wishy washy dream with less chance of it becoming reality.

2. Now take that piece of paper and make copies of it and place the copies in places you see on a regular basis. That way you are constantly reminded of your goal.

3. Now tell everyone about your goals, that way you have put pressure on yourself to stick to them because if you are anything like me you wont want to lose face and seem like a quitter to your friends and family.

4. Keep a nutrition diary. Write down everything that you eat. That way you can closely monitor everything that goes in your mouth. Stick to the 90/10 rule, you do remember the 90/10 rule? Basically you should be eating healthy 90% of the time which gives you 10% left for the occasional treat. So if you are eating 6 times per day like I advise that is 42 meals/snack per week of which 37 should be healthy.

5. Get a workout partner and set times to train together. That way if you know your friend is going to be waiting for you, you will be less likely to slack off.

6. Join a fitness program that has a proven track record of getting great results. My Boot Camp program has been getting fantastic results for the people who attend 2-3 times per week. Check the success stories on this website. I’m also offering £1000 to the person who gets the best Body Transformation results in the Body Transformation Challenge.

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The are 6 tips for helping you stick to your resolutions, put them into action and make 2010 your best year ever.

Train Hard, Eat Smart!


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PPS. If you have any New Year Resolution tips or would like to share your resolutions then please leave a comment in the box below.