How to Eat Healthy During the Economic Crisis

During these uncertain economic times we all have to tighten our purse strings and cut out things that we don’t need or can go without.

Eating healthy is often thought to be too expensive for most families budgets and with fast foods loaded with fat and sugar being within easy reach and often dirt cheap is it any wonder that during times of financial strain peoples wellbeing is often put on the back burner.

Eating cheap processed food is going to bring your fat loss and fitness progress to a screeching holt and so I’ve decided to give you my three top tips for eating healthy on a tight budget.

Simply by following these three tips will allow you to stretch your budget that much further allowing you to continue to eat healthy without the risk of sabotaging your fitness and fat loss plan so you can continue to burn fat and build muscle so you can get the body you desire.

Below are my three top tips to help you eat healthy on a tight budget:

1 – Choose seasonal fruits to save on money on your shopping bill. Out of season fruits can add a good chunk to any shopping bill.

2 – Buy in bulk and freeze what isn’t needed. This is easy to do with meats. For instance, bulk buying chicken breasts usually lowers the cost per pound of chicken. Freeze the rest of the chicken that isn’t going to be eaten in the next few days in individual bags and then thaw what is needed for the next meal when necessary. The same idea can be used for beef and turkey.

3 – Pay attention to sales. Many times, eating healthy can easily be accomplished just by focusing on the special offers and money off coupons.

Use these tips the next time you are in the supermarket.

Train Hard, Eat Smart!