How To Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

7 Tips To Help Avoid Hitting The Weight Loss Wall

Have you ever noticed that when you diet for a long time your weight loss comes all to often comes to a screeching holt. If so don’t despair as I’m about to reveal how to break through weight loss plateaus and reveal my 7 tips to help avoid hitting the weight loss wall.

1. Set realistic goals.

Be sure that your weight-loss goal is realistic and that your expected rate of weight loss is reasonable. If you are on a healthy balanced nutrition plan you can expect to loss one to two pounds a week. Every person has their own ideal weight and size. Don’t compare yourself to others, but listen to your body and notice what feels best for you.

2. Add resistance training to your program.

A great way to boost your metabolism and break through to the next level is by incorporating aerobic exercise into your program, such as 30 minutes of walking three to four times a week. (If you haven’t exercised regularly in a long time, begin with 10 to 15 minutes two to three times a week and build up gradually over time). Once you have become accustomed to 30 minutes 3 times per week try to pick up the pace a little. In addition to your aerobic exercise, resistance training (weight training with free weights or machines) two to three times a week can help increase muscle strength and density, which will allow you to burn more calories faster even at rest. Studies show that weight training can increase the rate at which your metabolism burns calories by five to 10 percent. Working out with weights can increase your metabolism for up to 24 hours after an intense workout.

3. Look out for hidden sugars.

If your progress seems slow, look out for carbohydrates that might be sneaking their way unnoticed into your diet. Sugar can lurk in the most unexpected places such as ketchup, salad dressings, and barbecue sauces. Watch out too for cornstarch, sugar or milk solids in many processed foods such as gravies, or sauces on frozen vegetables. Be careful of “low-fat” foods where flavour is enhanced by sugar and other carbohydrates. By keeping a diet journal for a couple of days of EVERYTHING you eat and drink you can quickly discover the hidden sugars that are keeping your weight-loss progress stuck and be able to eliminate them and move past your plateau.

4. Cut refined food from your diet.

Try to eliminate all refined sugar and grains (like white flour products) from your diet. This includes white bread, pastries, white pasta, white rice, white flour crackers, sugar-coated breakfast cereals, biscuits and cakes. This simple step can encourage a huge breakthrough in your progress and leave you feeling more healthy and energized in the process.

5. Don’t let yourself go hungry.

Cutting back on how often you eat can have a detrimental effect on your weight loss plan. Studies show that eating small, frequent meals are more satisfying and produce better weight-loss results than the same number of calories consumed in three large meals. This is due to the thermal effect of food. The body burns calories to digest the food you eat so eating little and often burns more calories than the traditional three squares a day.

6. Drink water to burn fat.

An inadequate supply of water in itself can slow down your weight-loss. It’s important to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water on your weight loss program. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times of the day so you have no excuse to keep your fluid levels topped up. Keeping hydrated not only helps you burn fat faster, it also helps to control hunger.

7. Keep your motivation strong, you can do this.

Remember how motivated you felt when you first began your weight-loss program? Remember the excitement of watching the pounds drop one by one and how you felt when you could squeeze into your favourite dress or if you’re a man your favourite pair of jeans? When you feel like quitting go back to whatever your initial motivation was and see whether it still works for you. It may have been the desire to lose weight for a particular event such as a holiday or a wedding or maybe it was to regain your figure after pregnancy. You may have been motivated by poor health or by the shock of just how much weight you had gained. See whether the same motivation still works for you, if not find a new way to keep motivated. After all you have come this far why quit now?

Train Hard, Eat Smart!