How Can I Help You More?

Hi, hope you are doing great.

Ok, I’m going to be nosey and ask a bunch of questions. Hope you don’t mind.

Here goes, I’m hoping to expand my gym to offer more than just Boot Camp, Personal Training and Sports Therapy/Massage.

The plan is to have a “normal” gym that people can use at any time that its open. I will be offering the same services as above but will also be running other classes such as Pilates, Boxercise etc.

So what I want to know is

a) What kind of equipment would you like to see? Eg: treadmills/bikes etc

b) What kind of classes would you like to see? Eg: spinning/hips, bums tums, nutrition classes etc

c) What kind of therapies would you like? Eg: Hot Stone Massage, Hypnotherapy?

d) Are you or do you know a Personal Trainer/Therapist/Pilates Instructor who would be interested in in working in the expanded facility? If so send your CV and a brief descrpition to

If you could email me or leave a comment below with what you would like to see so I can further help you towards your health and fitness goals it would be really apriciated.

Train Hard, Eat Smart!