Four Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Diets

As a Personal Trainer its my duty to tell you the truth about health and fitness. From losing weight and toning up, to nutritional advice for weight loss and weight gain. Now with summer fast approaching and the rush to get a beach ready body in record time many people turn to starving themselves in the hope of shifting the pounds. Im sorry to have to yell this to you but “STARVATION DIETS DO NOT WORK, SO DON’T BOTHER!”

If you are wanting to lose weight fast and attempt to do so by drastically reducing your calorie intake then you are asking for serious trouble. If you have been on diet after diet and still are no better off, or worse, you now weigh more than when you first went on a diet then you must realise that the diet failed you!

The sooner people come to grips with the fact losing weight for the summer, and beyond, is going to take hard work, discipline, patience and a plan based on science and not guesswork. If it was easy, everyone would have six pack abs.

As a fitness expert I seem to fight an uphill battle. Everyone wants the results, but few are willing to do the work.”

So to help make losing weight the “right way” easier and get you that beach body for the summer, I’m recommend you follow my four top tips:

1) Create a realistic plan. The focus of which should be sound nutritional habits and regular exercise.

2) It’s crucial to weight loss success not to have “trigger” foods lying around the home – the temptation is often too great. Remove from the home any junk food that will lead to eating unnecessary calories.

3) Enlist the help of a friend or colleague and encourage one another. Be sure this weight loss “buddy” is as equally as determined as you.

4) Most importantly, be realistic. The excess pounds did not appear overnight. They don’t disappear over night either.

Train Hard, Eat Smart!