Don’t Let Anyone Stamp On Your Dreams

Personal Training in BarnstaplePeople are always telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. What you can and cannot do.

But who are they to tell you what you can or cannot do?

You have the ability to do anything that you set your mind to.

It just just takes a bit of determination and an understanding of what it is you actually want.

Let me tell you a little story.

Back in 2001 I was 27 years old and one of the oldest recruits in my troop at CTCRM. It was week three and I’d picked up a niggling injury which was causing me a lot of pain.

So I was sent to the sick bay to see the doctor. The Navy Doctor sent me for an Xray, looked at and prodded at my shins and diagnosed me with medial tibial stress syndrome, or what most people know as shin splints.

After a long talk with the doctor who said “I don’t think your biomechanics are suited for all this running and

I can’t see you getting passed week 15”

I was devastated. There I was sat in the chair and my dream of becoming a Royal Marines Commando was basically being taken away from me.

I walked back to the accommodation block and I was close to tears but you know what. I thought f@ck it and f@ck the doctor. Who was he to say what I could or couldn’t do?

I’m a bit of a stubborn git, just ask my family, and if I really want to do something I will, again just ask my family!

Fast forward a few months……

Sure the injury was painful, in fact I was prescribed mega high dose NSAIDs to keep the swelling at bay, I had to ice my shins 3 times daily but I never ever gave up.

I passed the Commando tests, I got my Green Beret and I proudly served as a Royal Marines Commando for 7 years.

If I had listened to the doctor I would have never achieved that and f@ck knows where I would be now.

Ultimately, the people who say you cannot do something are only saying that because they have no belief in themselves and don’t think they can do i t and by default think you cannot.

Don’t let anyone stamp on your dreams. Ever!

Have an awesome day,

MK 🙂

PS. Quick word of caution. Having a “I’ll prove them wrong” or “I’ll do it no matter what you say” kind of attitude can create a lot of friction with friends, family and loved ones. Hopefully you can talk these things through people you love

On the other hand you may get accused of being arrogant or worse by people who don’t know you. But don’t let people who don’t really know you label you.