Do This, Lose Fat

Happy 1st December 🙂
The current 21 Day Fat Loss Blueprint is coming to the end and everyone doing the programme has noticed a difference.
Not only are the members of the program losing weight and inches they are also changing their relationship with foods.
In fact a lot of them are discovering that their taste buds are changing and they are enjoying a bigger variety of foods.
Just this morning I had one of the ladies tell me in the class that she is feeling far less bloated and is starting to notice a massive difference in her lower abs region. You know, the area that most women have difficulty in shifting.
So why have they been able to change their bodies so quickly?
I’m about to share with some top tips to help you banish the bloat and kick start your health and fat loss:
Tip 1: They got focussed and decided “now is the time” to start making some changes. Christmas is coming and they all want to look and feel better in their clothes. Knowing why you want to achieve a goal is more important than the goal itself. After all if you don’t have a big enough reason for doing something you won’t do it!
Tip 2: They increased their water intake. After the air we breath, water is the most important nutrient for the body. We cannot survive for more than a few days without it. Increasing your water intake helps to stimulate digestion, helps to mobilise your fat stores and helps to flush out toxins from the body. This all results in a lot less bloat, clearer skin and a reduced tendency of sugar cravings.
Tip 3: They all followed the EAT Smart Diet Solution nutrition program. By following the EAT Smart Lifestyle you help to rid the body of stubborn belly fat. In fact one of the lady’s dropped a massive 10lb in the first 7 days without doing any exercise. This is all without counting calories, checking points or colours or drinking any skinny shakes.
Tip 4: Apart from the lady about, they all followed a specific exercise routine that is designed to tone their muscles as well as boost their metabolism so they burn tons of fat.
This is exactly what Tasha did in the pictures below to get these noticeable results after just 7 days on the program. Imagine what you could achieve in 7 days on the right program. Imagine your results after 3 weeks. Imagine your results after 6 weeks of an integrated nutrition and exercise programme.
Barnstaple Personal Trainer
I’ll be running another Six Week Transformation Programme on Monday 9th January 2017.
Now I know that sounds a long way off but it’ll soon swing around.
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The cook books sell at £12.99 each and combined contain over 260 delicious and nutritious recipes.
This offer will only be open to the first 25 that join the programme. So to grab the cook books and guarantee your place on the Six Week Transformation Programme head on over to the website at the link below:
Have a great day,
MK 🙂