Diet Mistake

One of the mistakes I see busy people make when trying to lose weight is that they simply cut calories and continue to eat the same unhealthy foods.

Processed foods often lack the essential nutrients that the body requires for grow, repair and day to day “maintenance” of the body you have now.

If the body doesn’t receive these vital nutrients the brain will continually send out “feed me” signals until it gets what it needs.

This is why you can eat a super size meal from the golden arches and be hungry 20 minutes later.

This is because that 2000 calorie contains nothing useful to the body.
So if you’re constantly craving food despite a diet abundant in calories your cravings are only going to get worse the more calories you cut, until you eventually cave in and binge.

This leads to feelings of failure and despair as you start to think it’s your lack of willpower that’s causes you to throw in the towel on your diet.

However the body is rigged for survival and all the willpower in the world counts for nothing when the body thinks it’s being starved.

So how do you overcome this survival mechanism?

You give the body what it needs. Plenty of fresh vegetables, some fruits, some nuts and lean meats, all washed down with plenty of fresh water.

These foods are packed with the amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the body needs for grow and repair.

In summary, eat for health instead of cutting back the calories and your body will respond the way you want it to and give you the weight loss and body transformation results you are looking for.