Barnstaple Personal Trainer Marc Kent, 6 Month Intern Program

Want To Work With Marc and become a leading Personal Trainer. New Intern Program starts soon

I’m just about to start recruiting for new interns to start working at my Barnstaple personal training studio from early Mid April 2011
I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about how to train and get the best from our interns and our newest internship program is without a doubt the most unique and challenging program of its type in the UK… for the right people!

And no, it won’t cost you anything, though, before you read on, consider that if you’re chosen you’ll will be asked to set aside AT LEAST six months to complete your level 1 internship training, you will NOT be employed or on a set salary (though there is a great chance to earn a lot of money) and you’ll be asked to become extremely skilled and knowledgeable at applying physiology, biomechanics, neurology, biochemistry, biomechanics, lifestyle assessment, functional assessment, life coaching and much, much more to my rapidly growing client base.

If you’re stuck in a dead end personal training or gym instructing job, losing heart for something you once felt supremely passionate about or simply not confident that the career path you’ve chosen will ever deliver the kind of success you hope to achieve then this might be the very thing you need to inject a new power, passion and purpose into your life, not to mention the fact that you’ll have more knowledge, skills and abilities at the end of six months than you’d ever believe possible.

It’s a chance to get off the beaten track that most trainers seem to follow and learn an educational skill set that will put you head and shoulders above 90% of the world’s coaches… as well as potentially earning more than most too.

Over the last 2 years I’ve built my business up from 1 client to well over 100 and have the largest indipendant personal training studio in North Devon. I’m looking to expand within the next 6 months

But that’s not to say that it was easy.

It wasn’t

I worked very hard from day 1, but as you will see that hard work has paid off.

Commando Fitness Camp ebookI have a very successful personal training, boot camp and sports therapy company. I am the author of 5 books, including an international best seller. And am now one of the leading trainers of personal trainers with my Commando Fitness Camp Blueprint book, designed for personal trainers to build their very own successful boot camp business.

Want to learn how to do this?

My Intern Program will guide you, push you and poke you to become the very best personal trainer that you could be. But it’s not going to be easy.

Those selected for a place in the six month program will receive top-notch education in:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Endocrinology
  • Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Program Design
  • Kinetic Chain Assessment
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Life Coaching
  • Manual Therapy
  • Muscle Activation
  • Sleep science
  • Recovery, regeneration and respiration
  • And a lot more besides!

The program includes an extensive program of on the job training, directed reading and home study, practical and written assessment and, of course, real life ‘hands on’ time implementing every aspect of my COMMANDO Spirit Principles with paying clients.

And we’re not just talking standard, everyday skills and drills either.

My business is run on a unique set of principles that focuses on a holistic health model rather than merely offering fitness training. You could say that we’re more of a holistic health company than anything else as we’ve based our systems on natural, timeless principles rather than industry fads that come and go.

On top of that…

There’s marketing theory and practice, blogging, writing articles, shooting youtube videos, giving public talks, running courses and seminars and much, much more.

Oh yes, then there’s training clients!

The truth is, the six month internship program we offer is tough. It’s unlike anything else in the profession anywhere else in the world right now.

Could you imagine what 6 months of that kind of education, support and positive pressure would do for you and your career?

Well, if it sounds good right now then let me see if I can put you off : )

Whilst it won’t cost you a single penny to learn these skills and develop this level of proficiency, the flip side of the coin is that this is not a paid position or a job and you’re not guaranteed any income whatsoever.

There is not a guaranteed cheque waiting for you every week.

In fact, there’s a chance that you could find yourself spending your entire week with us and earning zero because you have no clients to ‘play with’.

It’s happened. Not often, but it has.

That said, we’ve had people here less than 2 weeks and fill their diaries with over 20 appointments a week by using what we teach ’em here.

But like I said, the money is not guaranteed.

For the appointments you do complete you’ll be charged a 60% commission on the fee (interns charge £30 per hour so 60% is £12). The amount of money you’ll end up with after paying the studio is above club/gym average pay but significantly lower than you could earn working freelance.

That said, working freelance won’t teach you what we’re going to teach you, will it? And you’ll still have overheads to pay.

Once you complete internship then you’re eligible to charge clients at £35 an hour and move to a more attractive financial split system and with every promotion after that you get to charge an additional £5.
So there’s a ‘career path’ of sorts laid out for you if you wish to continue your education, multiple levels of education and training, multiple levels of fee progressions and a lot more besides.

BUT… Only if you’re the right fit for the team I’m growing here.

You’ll know if you’re the right fit already but just in case, here’s some non-negotiables to give you an idea about what I require.

You have to speak perfect English. You don’t have to BE English but as our clients speak English as their main language you’ll need to be proficient.

You have to live within a 30 minute drive from the studio

You have to work well as part of a team – We don’t do bitching, whining, complaining, malingering or outright arguing. Anything you’re not happy with you should feel comfortable to say to me face to face. I’ll listen, I promise. But complain or spread any form of dissent or mischief and you’re gone on the spot. My team and my clients are too valuable to me to have it torn apart with the usual club B.S that most trainers engage in.

You have to be willing to excel – My team of interns are excellent. They’re not perfect, but they’re excellent. They are striving to excel all the time. They work hard at being better each day. They’re not all the best in the world at what they do, you may have a better skill set than some of them, but that’s not important. What IS important is that they want to be better, do better and have better than they currently are experiencing, and they take action on that desire.

That’s it!

I don’t care how old you are, how young you are, how many certs you have, how many degrees, how many ebooks you’ve sold, how long you’ve been in the industry, how many books you’ve read.

I don’t care.

If you’re a good person who wants to be great, if you’re a good trainer who wants to be a great coach and if you’re passionate about giving the best you have in everything you do then you MAY be who I’m looking for to join my internship program.

Click Here To Download The Intern Application

Fill in the application and then (if selected) you’ll be invited to an orientation meeting to learn more.

The program starts in April.

I need your application BY 31st March

Don’t even think about being late as I won’t even open the application. For one thing, being late means you’re not prepared and that you lack
the excellence mindset I’m looking for

I’m looking for people who are brilliant, charismatic, on a mission, moving fast, filled with passion and empathy and want to do something really worth doing.

It’s fine with me if you don’t know anything about movement dysfunction, corrective exercise, biochemical individuality or lifecoaching but not okay if you have no desire to learn what you don’t know.
So here’s how to apply. I want you to answer a few questions.

Just fill in the application form and send it back to me at with ‘INTERN APPLICATION’ in the subject line.

Get it back to me as soon as I can and I promise you I’ll get back to you via email within 48 hours with a ‘thanks but no thanks’ or an invitation to learn more.
This really is a great opportunity for the right person. I have no upper or lower limits. If I find 10 people who fit then they’re in, if I don’t find 1 then no worries.

I’m not desperate to grow my intern team.
It would be nice, but I won’t sacrifice the quality of what I have to simply meet some quota.
It’s YOUR job to sell yourself into the slot and tell me why you should get to learn all of the ‘goodies’ you’ll be exposed to when you join my team.

Best regards,

Marc Kent

International Best Selling Author
Total Body Breakthroughs

Barnstaple Personal Trainer Marc Kent, feature author of Total Body Breakthroughs