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Bank Holiday Fix

Happy Tuesday.   So that’s another Bank Holiday out of the way, how are you feeling today?   A little rough around the edges due to too much booze and maybe a slice or two pieces of cake.   Don’t worry, I know how that can feel.   Been there, done that.   But not…

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Spring Has Sprung

So with spring being in full swing I am enjoying the sunshine that we have been having. The days are getting longer. The days are getting warmer and that gives me more time to get out on adventures on my bike or head down the beach with my children. What about you {!firstname_fix}? Are you enjoying…

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10 Minute Workout

Hope that you’ve had a great weekend and ready to get stuck into things If you’re stuck and don’t know how or where to get started then check out my Six Week Body Transformation programme at this link here ==>> Now as a busy dad running two businesses, studying and trying to spend as much…

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Time Crunched Workout

As a busy dad running two businesses, whilst building a third business, studying Naturopathy and trying to spend as much time as possible with my two kids I often find that I don’t have much “spare” time to factor in a workout. As you can imagine, being a health coach, exercise is extremely important to…

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Overnight Oats

   Feeling a bit time pressed in the morning and struggling to eat a healthy breakfast?  Then why not try “Overnight Oats” Simply add some chunky organic oats into a bowl. Add coconut milk, cinnamon, chia seeds and summer fruits.  Stir Then leave in the fridge to soak over night.  Packed with fibre to help…

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