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Hydrate or Die, part 7

High Blood Cholesterol It is common belief that excess cholesterol that forms in the arteries is a precursor to heart disease and yes the two can co-exist towards the latter stages of the disease but it is Dr Batmanghelidj, author of “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” that excessive cholesterol build up is the result…

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Bryan Kavanagh Interview

Bryan Kavanagh is a fat loss expert and physique transformation specialist, speaker and co. author of The Athletic Body System’ and Athlete Physique, with the prestigious CSCS qualification he has also completed a BSc degree (hons) in Health and Human Performance in Dublin City University MK: Hi Bryan, I really appreciate you taking out some…

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Alwyn Cosgrove Interview

Marc Kent interviews with world leading fitness expert Alwyn Cosgrove

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Training Myths Part 4

If you have been following my series on training myths you would have read  in part one the lies that women who lift weight get bulky muscles. In training myths part two I covered the lies that says your lean toned muscles will turn to fat if you stop lifting weights and in part three…

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Training Myths Part 2

Ok, I’m back again to kick some more fitness myths in to touch. If you missed training myths part one where I went into depth on the myth that “women who lift weights get big bulky muscles” you can read it by clicking here So straight into it with Myth 2: Your lean toned muscles…

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