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What’s the trick to getting shape and staying that way?

What’s the trick to getting shape and staying that way? I guess that’s the million dollar question that doesn’t have just one answer. That’s because there isn’t a single trick that ensures success. That’s unless you call following a healthy lifestyle a “trick” Sounds simple, but that is the trick!! But if you’re just starting…

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Bank Holiday Fix

Happy Tuesday.   So that’s another Bank Holiday out of the way, how are you feeling today?   A little rough around the edges due to too much booze and maybe a slice or two pieces of cake.   Don’t worry, I know how that can feel.   Been there, done that.   But not…

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Spring Has Sprung

So with spring being in full swing I am enjoying the sunshine that we have been having. The days are getting longer. The days are getting warmer and that gives me more time to get out on adventures on my bike or head down the beach with my children. What about you {!firstname_fix}? Are you enjoying…

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What’s Holding You Back

The 3 Reasons You’re Not Losing The Weight You Want Losing weight and getting in shape should, in theory, be simple. However, as you may know, that theory doesn’t always pan out in reality. Things get in the way. Be that life or just the excuses that you tell yourself. These excuses no doubt hold…

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5 Top Health Tips

Didn’t you say you were starting your diet today? What happened? I’m sorry to say that you missed your chance to join my 21 Day Programme that got underway today. But I thought I’d drop you this quick email with five tips that will get you started on the road to a fitter, healthier body.…

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