28 Day Challenge for the Beauty Industry

WANTED 12 People Who Work In The “Health & Beauty” industry Who Are Serious About Losing Up Tp 15lb and 21 Inches In The Next 28 Days For FREE

As the leading Personal Training company in North Devon we pride ourselves on offering the best Personal Training services in town and are the only company that offer a money back guarantee on results.

One of my Health Coaches has designed a fitness and fat loss program aimed exclusively at people working in the Beauty Industry and would like to offer you the chance to try it out for FREE before we add this program to our services page.

So, if you are a beauty therapist or hairdresser then please get in touch ASAP as this program will only be offered for FREE once. So get in while you can.

Now because this program is free we’ve had to set a few rules, this is stop filter out the time wasters. Please read all the rules below before you get in touch

So, here’s the rules:

  • You must be willing to commit to following the EAT Smart Nutrition program for 28 days, no if’s or but’s!
  • You must be willing to submit a food diary daily in our exclusive group
  • You must give 100% in every training session, whiners will be dissmissed from the challenge!
  • You must commit to attend 2 training sessions per week at 10:45am on Monday & Friday for the 4 weeks
  • You must be willing to undertake a at home training program at least 3 times per week.
  • You must be willing to submit before and after photo’s and offer a testimonial of the results you received during the 28 days. But don’t worry, we wont ask you to lie, just give us good honest feedback of your experience
  • You must be willing to keep an online daily diary logging your results and experience.

Again, this 28 day challenge is FREE but you do have to stick to our rules. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the challenge.

You see we take our business for getting awesome fat loss results seriously and we don’t want anyone to waste our time. Basically, if you’re not willing to put the effort in above then you’re not ready for this program.

So if you think you have what it takes let us know ASAP as the challenge starts on Monday 17thrd October 2011 at my Personal Training studio in Roundswell, as we need to interview you to see if your serious enough and to have you enrolled before the start date.

Here’s what you get if you’re accepted on the Marc Kent Health & Fitness “28 Day Fat Loss Challenge”

Barnstaple Personal Trainer 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge 8 High Octane-Metabolism Boosting Boot Camp Training Sessions. These training sessions are so effective that Marc Kent is the only Barnstaple Personal Trainer who offers a money back GUARANTEE!

Barnstaple Personal Trainer 21 Day Fat Loss ChallengeA FREE Copy Of Marc Kent’s World Famous EAT Smart Diet Program. With over 54 pages of dietary secrets that will have you shifting up to 15lb in 12 days!

Barnstaple Personal Trainer 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge10 Easy To Prepare EAT Smart Recipes That Are So Delicious That You Wont Even Think You Are On A Diet.

Barnstaple Personal Trainer 21 Day Fat Loss ChallengeA Full 28-Day Online Coaching Program That Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way, GUARANTEEING You’ll Get Amazing Results Faster Than You Thought Possible.

Barnstaple Personal Trainer 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge2 Super-Short But Highly Effective At Home Workouts That Will Rev-Up your Metabolism So That You Are Burning Fat 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days Per Week

So if dropping a ton of ugly body fat and reshaping your body all in 28 short days sounds good to you, then put your name and email address in the box below and we’ll email you when we’re accepting new members to our “28 Day Fat Loss Challenge”

The  28 Day Fat Loss Challenge starts on Monday 17th October, if you would like the chance to be a part of our next FREE 28 Day Challenge where you could lose up to 15lb, then please add your name and email to the form below.

NB: There is a non-refundable induction fee of £20 to enter the challenge