Beach Ball Or A Beach Babe/Buff

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from guys who want to get fit in a hurry and I can understand, summers coming and we’ll be spending time down the beach.

Thing is are you ready to bare your chest and take your t-shirt off or are you going to hide under an oversized t-shirt?

So I want you to head over to the mirror and check out your reflection to see the damage the winter months have done to your body.

Still here? Go on check, know one is looking. I’ll wait to you get back.

Ok so what’s the verdict? If  you’re not far from your ideal body then cool, what I’m about to share with you will really take it to the next stage.

If the verdict is, oh c**p another summer getting the dreaded t-shirt tan then what I’m about to share with you is definitely going to help, just might take a little longer.

But no matter where you’re starting from, this workout is going to kick yourbutt and improve your health, fitness and burn some fat off you in rapid fashion.

For these workouts we will be doing density training, which means each workout you will be trying to increase your sets every session. Doing more work in the same amount of time forces your body to respond by getting fitter and stronger.

So you ready for an butt kicking? Good, lets go:

You are to do the following workout on 3 none consecutive days, ie: Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 4 weeks.

You are to perform 10 reps of each exercise in a mini circuit

Week one do 10 minutes of each mini circuit

Week two do 12 minutes of each mini circuit

Week three do 14 minutes of each mini circuit

Week four do 16 minutes of each mini circuit

The mini-circuits:

Circuit A

A1: Prisoner Squats

A2: Press Ups

A3: Burpees

Circuit B

B1: Step Through Lunges

B2: Recline Rows

B3: Tuck Jumps

The goal is to do as many rounds of each circuit in the allotted time. Write down how many rounds you do and then aim to beat it the next session. If you’re not beating your previous scores, you’re not working hard enough 🙂

Make sure you warm up and stretch and each session.

And a word about nutrition.

You’re not gonna see your abs or even melt off a ton of lard if you continue to shovel junk down your throat.

Ditch all the rubbish from your diet and only include fresh vegs, fruits, and  organic meats and drink lots of water to help flush all the rubbish that’s been sat in your fat stores.

Simply putting in some good honest effort in with these workouts, some clean eating and plenty of water you be hitting the beach in better shape than ever.