7 Tips To Get Motivated For Your Workout

marckentpt35There will be days (everyday?) when you don’t feel like doing your workout.

Some days you won’t want to get out of bed early.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave your office because you feel like you have too much left to do (but this is when you need a workout the most!).

Then there’ll be times you don’t want to end of play time with the kids to have to make time for your workout.

This even happens to me.

But I how great I feel after my daily workout.

And at the end of the day I make my living by being in shape and I have to lead by example.

If you are set on achieving a fitness goal, then when its workout time, come hell or high water you’ve got to knuckle down and do the job done.

So I’m giving you 7 tips to get you motivated for your workout and to keep you inspired to get you through your workout.

1) Reward yourself. After you finish your workout treat yourself to a relaxing bath, an episode of your favourite TV show or some time with the family.

2) Why not set up a punishment for missing workouts. If you skip the workout, put £10 into a jar to spend on DIY, think of it like a swear jar for missing your exercise appointment. Make sure your spouse controls the jar.

3) Write your goals down Until you put your goals down into black and white they are not goals. If they are only in your head then they are merely dreams. Commit them to paper and read them everyday and night. By constantly keeping your goals fresh in your mind it will help you to stay on track.

4) Realize that the hardest part of the workout is often travelling to the gym after you have been home for a few hours. Make the effort to go to the gym even if you don’t feel like it. Once you get to the gym you will be less likely to skip a workout. Once you get there tell yourself, “I’ll just go in and do 1 set of the first 2 exercises, then I can go”. Next thing you know, you’ll have done the entire workout.

5) Visualize yourself once you have achieved your goals. Be visualizing your new body you will feel inspired to workout. Think of your workouts as a step in the right direction to a new fitter, healthier you. Conversely every time you miss a workout is a step in the wrong direction.

6) Take your MP3 player with you. Seriously, nothing motivates you more than working out to some upbeat music. Some of my friends swear by the Rocky soundtrack!

7) Get social support. If you have a workout partner, chances are you’ll feel bad if you let them down. Or let me hold you accountable by signing up for online personal training.

Train Hard, Eat Smart!