5 Top Tips To Beat The Winter Weight Gain

Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Did you know, the average person gains 10lb of fat in the run up to Christmas!

Seriously, in the 10-15 day run up to Christmas we’re faced with what feels like the constant onslaught of parties, cakes, drinks and more parties and don’t get me started on the stolen. So being the good egg that I am, I thought I’d share some quick tips on how you can conquer the winter weight gain.

#1 – Get the bulk of your calories early in the day. A “breakfast of champions” will serve you really well year round, but particularly during the holidays. Don’t skip breakfast thinking that you’re leaving space for the smorgasbord on offer at the works party. By eating throughout the day you’ll regulate your blood sugar levels better and that will help prevent overeating later in the day.

#2 – Don’t go to that party hungry. This tip follows on from tip one. You know what will be there, and most of it is “danger” food! Eat something healthy before you head out to the holiday shindig. That way you’ll eat less and not wake up feeling bloated and groggy the next day.

#3 – Portion control. If you just do this on a consistent basis…you’ll see the pounds begin to melt away. Really. Sample different things, but don’t overdo anything, particularly the dreaded “comfort foods.” – because less face it “comfort foods” leave you feeling anything but comfortable 😉

#4 – Substitute dry white or red wine for other alcohols. If you drink, don’t drink the egg nog! Beers and mixed drinks pack more calories. Yes, your friends may give you an odd look, but you’ll feel better than they do the next day. (besides, you’ve got a goals to achieve, which makes you better than them anyway!) And don’t be afraid to drink the odd glass of water throughout the night. You’re head will feel better for it and you won’t run the risk of some impromptu pole dancing in the local Star Wars Bar 😉


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By the way, Christmas is great day to do a workout in the morning. You’ll enjoy the meal that much more. And if you can’t get in a workout, then by all means come see me the next business day!

Have an amazing day,

MK 🙂

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