21 Day Fat Loss Cahllenge

WANTED 12 People Who Are Serious About Losing Up Tp 15lb and 15 Inches In The Next 21 Days For FREE

The results are in, we’ve just finished our 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge and with an average weight loss of 8lb and an average inch loss of 12 inches the program is a complete success. Baring in mind that they are the averages.

Maximum weight loss was 15.4lb by Jason. That’s over a stone in weight in 30 days.

Maximum inch loss was 15 inches by Jenny, closely followed by Suse who lost 14 inches. Again in just 30 days.

SO to that end, we have decided to run the challenge again. So if you think you have what it takes and are interested in losing over a stone in 15 inches then get in touch with me ASAP.

Please read the following before you apply.



We are looking for 12 people who are serious about losing up to 14lb in the next 30 days for FREE. Seriously, Marc Kent Health & Fitness are challenging you to take up our 21 Fat Loss Challenge to help you kick start your health, fitness and fat loss. All for FREE.

Well with a few catches, as follows:

  • You must be willing to commit to following the EAT Smart Nutrition program for 21 days, no if’s or but’s!
  • You must be willing to submit a food diary every week
  • You must give 100% in every training session, whiners will be dissmissed from the challenge!
  • You must commit to attending at least 3 of the 12:00pm or 7:15pm lunch time boot camp classes per week for the 21 days.
  • You must be willing to undertake a at home training program at least 2 times per week.
  • You must be willing to submit before and after photo’s and offer a testimonial of the results you received during the 21 days.
  • You must be willing to keep an online daily diary logging your results and experience.

Again, this 21 day challenge is FREE but you do have to stick to our rules. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the challenge.

You see we take our business or getting awesome fat loss results seriously and we don’t want anyone to waste our time. Basically, if you’re not willing to put the effort in above then you’re not ready for this program.

So if you think you have what it takes let us know ASAP as the challenge starts on 5th September 2011 at my Personal Training studio in Roundswell, and we need to interview you to see if your serious enough and to have you enrolled before the start date.

NB: There is a non-refundable induction fee of £30 to enter the challenge

Please comment below with why we should accept you and we will get in touch.