Lessons Learned In Bali

If you have been reading my notes for a while you will know that I got married to the most amazing person I know, Kerry at the end of July. We had an absolutely amazing day for the wedding followed by a brilliant honeymoon in Bali with a quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur on the way back. If you’ve never been to Bali it should definitely be on your “things to do before I die list”

Now I’m not writing this today to tell you about my amazing time but more to let you know of the lessons I learned while on honeymoon.

First, the Balinese people must be one of the friendliest nations that I have ever visited. Sure in hotels and restaurants people are paid and expected to be pleasant but to have people stop and ask us why we were in Bali, how long we had been in Bali, what we thought of our experience so far and how can we make Bali better?

In contrast, some of the other holiday makers from other nations were totally the opposite. I learned a lot about two specific countries of how rude and arrogant the people were but I’m not going to get into that 🙂

The last question always got me, everyday people asking how they could improve everything to make our visit more enjoyable. Again, sure they are a nation dependant on tourism but if we could learn from them ourselves I’m sure we could change the whole world for the better. If we each start with our own little piece of the world, eventually the snowball effect will keep growing.

At this point, you may snigger or think I’ve lost the plot, but if we all start by being a little more friendly to each other, like a “hello” as we walk past a stranger, or maybe help someone cross the road etc, maybe just maybe we can turn this world around. Random acts of generosity go a long way to making someones day. For instance, as I was picking the car up from the airport a distressed young man approached me who had missed his coach home to Reading and didn’t have the money to pay for a new ticket. On seeing how stressed he was about this I offered him some money for to pay for his ticket, it feels good to help a stranger in distress, try it you might get to like it. So if you want to help change the world for the better, start with changing yourself to a more positive person and doing one small act of random kindness per day and before long we will change the world.

Another thing I learned from Bali was how good their general nutrition was. Most of the food was freshly prepared using wholesome ingredients. Sure some of the western fast food chains have moved over there and I’m sure it will be the downfall of the nations health. You see, most of the Balinese people I met were not overweight and I did not see one obese Balinese person.

On the flip side, the diet of the average Brit is in my opinion horrendous. It’s loaded with high sugar, processed rubbish. Strong words? I think not.

With over 50% of the British population being overweight with 1 in 4 people being obese.

Being overweight and obese sets you up for a whole host of ailments and diseases ranging from:

  • Heart disease and stroke.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Gallbladder disease and gallstones.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Gout.
  • Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea (when a person stops breathing for a short time during sleep) and asthma.
  • Cancer. According to the Columbia University School of Public Health & 95% of cancers is caused by a bad diet and environment.

In fact, in the UK an estimated 1 in 11 deaths is attributed to excess weight. (Daily Mail)

This is quite tragic in my opinion.

And I put this all down to a lack of exercise and poor education when it comes to nutrition.

Now, some people hate exercise and think of it as a chore or indeed that exercise “doesn’t work for them” but when you cut to the chase and lay the facts on the line, exercise is a required ingredient of a healthy functioning body. The human body hasn’t really evolved in over 2000 years where as a species we were hunters gathers who would roam after our food or eat fruits that were in season. So you see, we were an extremely active animal. So that 30-60 minute exercise session that a lot of people love to hate is in fact a replacement for the hours that we would have been on our feet searching for food.

So now that we a species of professional sitters, we sit at work, we sit to drive to work, we sit to eat, we sit to watch TV is it any wonder that not only have we become overweight due to lack of movement but we have also developed extremely bad posture leading to low bad, neck, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder pain.

When we combine this lack of activity with the fact that we have been conned into thinking processed food is good for us, is it any wonder that we are fat? There I’ve said it!

You see processed food is so devoid of nutrients that you end up craving more food to satisfy your hunger.

Now hunger is not your bodies cry for food per se, it’s your body telling you it wants nutrients or water.

Imagine if you will a tiny team of builders inside your body who’s job it is to build the body that you have. Now to make and keep your body running these tiny builders need a supply of raw materials. Namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals,  and lots of water.

So when you feel hungry it’s the little builders sending a message to your brain to tell you that you have run out of the raw materials it needs. So if the little builders have run out of say “magnesium” or “vitamin c” the brain signals for you to eat. Now everyone has been to one of the fast food chains that sell burgers. Let me ask you how you felt an hour after you’d eating something from one of these places?

Now if you’re like most people I know you’ll feel bloated, sluggish and hungry!

So how can it be possible to feel hungry after eating a burger meal, fries and a large cola?

This is because when the little builders break down the food that you have eaten in the search for magnesium or vitamin c they can’t find any so the first thing they do is get on the phone to your brain to tell it “look, I still need magnesium and vitamin c” your brain then signals you to eat again. It’s a vicious cycle and one that you’ll be forever trapped on while you are eating processed garbage. And it all starts with breakfast, so start your day with something like an omelette.

The reason why you feel bloated and sluggish is because you just dumped 1500 calories of junk into your stomach and the little builders are struggling to think of something to do with it. So most of it will find its way to your love handles.

As a species our diets as supposed to be made of meats, vegetables, nuts, grains and fruits when they were in season, not highly processed junk. Modern processed junk is the downfall of our health. It so loaded with sugar that we crave more, it is so devoid of vitamins and minerals that we crave more. It’s a tragedy to see so many people overweight,  due to eating far too many empty calories.

This is the reason why I wrote the EAT Smart Diet, it’s based on sound nutrition principles that will never change. If you have got a copy of the EAT Smart Diet go here:


The EAT Smart nutrition protocols are the exact same ones I use at Marc Kent Health & Fitness to help my clients lose up to 11lb in 7 short days. Yes you read that right eleven in seven!

Now while I was on honeymoon I did let my nutrition slip a little, yes the Balinese food was healthy but I had one too many deserts, ice-creams, smoothies and crepes that I’ve put a couple of inches around my waste. Add to that I hardly did any exercise I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass.

A lot of people who know me personally know that Kerry and I are going to be trying for a family and so we have decided to follow the EAT Smart nutrition protocols 100% until Kerry has finished breast feeding our little miracle when he/she turns up.

The reason for this is that everything you eat and drink has a direct effect on the developing foetus no matter what your doctor says. If you smoke, drink alcohol or it a poor diet it has a direct effect on the child’s health and so Kerry and I want to give our children the best start to life on this increasingly polluted planet.

So starting from today Monday 22nd August 2011 until further notice Kerry and I will be following the EAT Smart nutrition program. We have taken “before” pictures and weighed and measured ourselves and we will be keeping regular updates on how we are getting on because it will be tough at times. I love cheesecake as much as anyone and I’m sure one of the local coffee franchises will go out of business as I love cappuccinos more than any man who isn’t an actor in an New York based sit com should 🙂

On the flip side, I’m looking forward to the massive positive changes I will see not only in my physical being but also my mental health.

If you would like to join Kerry and I in the EAT Smart Challenge and lose up to 11lb in 7 days then go here:


Train Hard, Eat Smart!

Marc Kent